Teaching kids to code is serious business

But the best way to do it is through gamified learning! Enrich your children’s literacy in computer science and empower them to realize their full potential in the world of technology with CoderZ.

Why CoderZ?

CoderZ’s online learning platform is developed by expert Computer Science and STEM educators. Courses are structured into bite-sized missions, making it easy for kids to progress at their own pace.

With realistic 3D robots and gamified missions, learning to code feels more like playing a video game than extracurricular learning!

  • No prior experience necessary
  • NGSS and CSTA aligned

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CoderZ Curriculum Overview


CoderZ Adventure

It’s time to pack your bags and dive into the world of STEM, coding, and robotics - no experience necessary! This course introduces kids to STEM through an exciting journey into the CoderZ world. They’ll learn how to program and navigate a virtual robot using Blockly while practicing basic math, geometry, loops, and more. Includes 50 gamified missions, easy-to-follow walkthroughs, and tips.

  • Course Time: 30 hours
  • Related League Division: Novice
  • Recommended for Ages: 8-12


Cyber Robotics 101

Once you’ve gotten your bearings, it’s time to see what kinds of amazing things these robots can actually do! This 101 course offers kids a flexible introduction to the core concepts of programming and cyber robotics. They’ll learn to navigate robots and use different sensors while discovering concepts such as sequencing, variables, conditional logic, loops, and smart blocks (functions).

  • Course Time: 20-25 hours
  • Related League Division: Junior
  • Recommended for Ages: 11-14


Cyber Robotics 102

Now’s the time to dive deeper into computational thinking and problem-solving. In this next-level 102 cyber robotics course, kids learn new methods to program complex algorithms. Computer science topics include: variables, nested loops, logical conditions, and more. Robotics topics include: touch, ultrasonic, gyro, color, and light sensors, as well as their locations and joints in complex missions. Includes 70 gamified missions.

  • Course Time: 20-25 hours
  • Related League Division: Pro
  • Recommended for Ages: 14-17


Python Gym

Are your kids dreaming of an exciting career in computer science? Python is the world’s fastest-growing and most popular programming language used by software engineers, analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers alike. In this advanced course, they’ll make use of their Python knowledge to program their own virtual robot. Includes 70 gamified missions.

  • Course Time: 20-25 hours
  • Related League Division: Pro
  • Recommended for Ages: 14-17 with basic background in Python


CoderZ League is a virtual competition designed to engage kids at all levels of experience in exciting team-based coding challenges. More than 150,000 kids from all over the world have already participated in the League’s three divisions: Novice for those with no prior knowledge, Junior for those with some experience in coding or robotics, and Pro for kids familiar with programming (robots or otherwise). Great for developing grit!

Set up your kids for a lifetime of success


of educators agree that using CoderZ helps kids understand how real-life industry works.


of educators say CoderZ raises kids' confidence in their ability to succeed in CS, robotics, and engineering.


of educators say they’d recommend CoderZ for teaching Computer Science and STEM the gamified way.

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Awards and Partnerships

May 2021

CODiE Award Finalists - Recognizes the best educational platform

April 2021

EdTech Digest Awards in the coding, computer science, engineering solution category

March 2021

Aligned with CSTA standards

February 2021

Winner of Tech & Learning "Remote Learning" Award

December 2020

Winner of Edventures GBA award

September 2020

Tech Edvocate Award Winner for Best Coding App or Tool!

Aug 2020

Selected as virtual platform for Singapore's National Robotics Competition

July 2020

Selected to provide Amazon's sponsored STEM programs

Jun 2020

Selected by LEGO to launch Spike Prime™ virtual course

May 2020

Selected by SESI, Brazil - STEM-learning platform

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