CoderZ After School Program

Fact: Robotics is an amazing way to teach our students a number of disciplines. Through learning of robotics, and through participation in different available robotics competitions, teachers can deliver STEM knowledge and help students strengthen their 21st-century skills and abilities.

Implementing STEM and Robotics in your school

We know this sounds amazing – but putting it into practice can be extremely challenging for administrators, superintendents, principals, and of course, for teachers.
Not every school has the resources to introduce a robotics program. It may be related to policy, to budgets, to scheduling, to teacher training or just to the fact that we are already too busy with too many ongoing responsibilities.
But why should our students miss the opportunity to explore coding & robotics?
Living in an environment which is constantly changing due to technology – motivates many of our students to seek skills that will enable them not only to consume technology – but to create and lead through technology.
That is where an afterschool program can come into play. Easy to implement. School provides STEM/Robotics options – which are in high demand. Students are happy. Parents are happy. Win Win.
This is why we came up with CoderZ ASP – A 10 week afterschool program that will enable your school to offer coding & robotics – as well as participate in the upcoming 3rd annual Cyber Robotics Coding Competition.

What do we provide:

Hands on 3D simulated gamified missions
Teacher Training or Instruction (if teacher is unavailable)
Report of outcomes to the school and parents
Participation in a fun and exciting Cyber Robotics Coding Competition
Manage student registration

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