Robotics for every student in your district

Bring the excitement of learning STEM with robots to all your students with Cyber Robotics

The Challenge

Robotics is a great way to learn STEM. It’s interdisciplinary and fun!

So why aren’t all students learning with robots? We’ve been building educational robotics programs for over 30 years and realized that robotic programs are often expensive and require instructors with specialized knowledge. As a result, 99% of students never get their hands on a robot.

A robotics program that you can implement for all your students needs to be:


The Solution

CoderZ enables all students to learn STEM with robotics. With CoderZ your students will learn how to code virtual robots accompanied by a step-by-step curriculum and gamified missions completely online. No need for expensive hardware or specialized training.

Thousands of students and teachers are already using CoderZ in the classroom and in online competitions.

CoderZ solves all of the challenges to starting and scaling a robotics program:

Schoolwide access for the price of starting a club
Add classes, teachers, and students seamlessly online
Everything is online, no special equipment needed

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CoderZ is for District Administrators

Easy to Start and Scale

You can implement CoderZ quickly and easily since there is no need for hardware setup or software installation. Adding teachers, classrooms, and students to your CoderZ plan is seamless and our educational robotics expert will bring your teachers up to speed in no time. Best of all, we handle updates and technical issues so you can focus on teaching.


Dashboards give you real-time information on students progress and teacher utilization. You don’t need to guess anymore how engaged your students are since you can track stats like how many times they’ve logged in, time spent in CoderZ and missions attempted and completed.

Coding Competitions

CoderZ powers the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition. The CRCC is a program of the ISCEF Foundation and sponsored by Oracle Academy. The competition is focused on inclusiveness and combines both an online and in-person experience. Over 20,000 students have participated in the CRCC so far.

CoderZ is for Teachers


CoderZ’s Coding Robots Curriculum is a project based middle school curriculum aligned to CSTA standards. It is flipped-classroom-ready and comes with lesson plans, teacher guides, and gamified missions.

Classroom Management

CoderZ includes a cloud-based learning management solution for our teachers with unlimited classes, easy student enrollment, student and class statistics, and an outstanding knowledge center.

Professional Development

CoderZ support teachers with 1 on 1 consulting sessions and online training sessions delivered by our customer success team. Teachers also have access to dozens of tutorial videos and online courses created by robotics experts.

CoderZ is for Students


Beginning students can program their virtual robot using drag and drop blocks similar to Scratch. More advanced students can work in Java.


Students complete exciting missions In 3D immersive simulations while competing with their classmates. They view real time data from their robot’s various sensors and instantly see where their code needs to be improved.


Students can access CoderZ from anywhere using a Chrome browser – at home or in school. The self paced missions allow students to progress even without a teacher.

CoderZ For Districts Packages

The CoderZ for District packages are unique offerings meant to create a meaningful impact within a short time frame and affordable budget.

Starter Large District Service District or State
CoderZ Licenses 5 schools licenses (up to 500 students and 10 teachers each) 20 schools licenses (up to 500 students and 10 teachers each) Talk to Us
Professional Development Recorded online courses, workshops and  other PD resources Live online training sessions in addition to recorded materials In person training seminars in addition to online training and recorded materials
In Person Finals Event Hosted by District, planned by CoderZ Completely managed by CoderZ

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