STEM for Every Student in Your District

Extend the excitement of learning Coding and Robotics to ALL students


As an educator, you strive to prepare students for the ‘real world’ and ensure they have a productive and successful future as adults. You have the advantage of knowing what skills they will need once they get there. Promoting STEM equips students to adapt to the changes and challenges of rapid economic, scientific and technological development.

21st Century Skills

You want your students to be able to successfully participate in the global economy, and to do so they need to improve their career skills to integrate into 21st century workplaces. Skills like collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem solving are central to self development and progressing at the rapid pace of change of tomorrows jobs.


Traditionally, Robotics is the best way to learn STEM. It’s interdisciplinary and fun!

So why aren’t all students learning with robots? We’ve been building educational robotics programs for over 30 years and realized that robotic programs are often expensive and require instructors with specialized knowledge. As a result, 99% of students never get their hands on a robot.

A STEM and robotics program that you can implement for all your students’ needs to be:



CoderZ uses virtual robotics, online, and enables all students to learn STEM with robotics. With CoderZ students learn how to code & operate virtual robots accompanied by a step-by-step curriculum and gamified missions completely online. No need for expensive hardware or specialized training.

Thousands of students and teachers are already using CoderZ in the classroom and in online competitions.

CoderZ solves all of the challenges to starting and scaling a robotics program:

Cost effective schoolwide access for classes, clubs or all students.
Easy for teachers to add classes and students seamlessly online
Everything is online, no special equipment needed, in class or at home.

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The Benefits of CoderZ

Easy to Start and Scale

CoderZ can be implemented quickly and easily since there is no need for hardware setup or software installation. Teachers, classrooms, and students can be added to the CoderZ system seamlessly and our educational robotics expert will bring your teachers up to speed in no time. No IT involvement or support is required so teachers can focus on teaching.


Digital implementation provides metrics not available in traditional robotics. Dashboards give real-time information on student progress on an individual, class and school level. You don’t need to guess anymore how engaged students and which students are doing the work. Teachers can track stats like how many times they’ve logged in, time spent in CoderZ and how many missions they attempted and completed.

CoderZ League

CoderZ League is an online coding and robotics tournament for classes, groups, and schools. The virtual experience makes it easy to design, program, and test a simulated robot in a variety of 3D environments. Teams of students work collaboratively to program, plan, and complete missions.
Bring CoderZ League to your district.

Video Testimonial

Frank Edelbut, Commissioner of the NH Department of Education.

Learn more about the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC)

Prepare Students Today for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Students should believe that they can become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who will solve the most pressing challenges facing their nation and the world, both today and tomorrow. Not enough of the students have access to quality STEM learning opportunities and too few students see STEM as a springboard for their careers. Through effective engagement while learning to code with CoderZ, Students have the chance to develop interest in and positive attitudes toward STEM topics, as well as improved perception of their ability to participate in STEM, all of which can lead to their interest in a future STEM career.

CoderZ is for Teachers

No experience required
Easy to implement
Includes curriculum and class guides
Engaging for students

CoderZ is for Students

Accessible in class at home

Professional Development

Most teachers do not need training to begin teaching STEM, robotics with Coderz as it is designed to support teachers in the process and includes advanced content, guides and tutorials for teachers to mentor classes and teams, CoderZ and some of our educational partners offer online and face to face Professional Development programs to enable teachers to learn more depth and how to deliver the program in classes of all levels. Contact us for more information about Professional Development

Contact us for more information about Professional Development