CoderZ Cyber Robotics 101

The CoderZ Cyber Robotics 101 Course introduces students to the basics of coding and robotics, an exciting interdisciplinary STEM field.

The course is powered by CoderZ’s Online Robotics Learning Environment which provides online simulation, visual code editor, embedded content, class management and more. No prior knowledge or equipment  is needed!  This 10-15 hour program will bring your students up to speed with code and robotics in no time.

Over 15 hours of curriculum, activities and assignments
Over 50 gamified missions with step by step instructions
Students use visual (Blockly) or text editors to test their code with real time simulation
Log into CoderZ anywhere, anytime to continue learning
CSTA and NGSS aligned
PBL approach
Teacher resources: guides, presentations and solutions

Course outline and learning objectives:

Intro to STEM and Coderz

Session 1
Overview of STEM and first steps in CoderZ learning environment.

Drive The Robot

Session 2
Drive the Robot – Learn about drive systems and how to navigate your robot using computer code.

The Touch Sensor

Session 3
Learn how to use the Robot’s touch sensor for autonomous navigation using basic coding blocks.

The Repeat Loop

Session 4
Learn how to code more efficiently with the Repeat loop.

The Gyro Sensor

Session 5
Learn how to make accurate turns using data from the Gyroscopic sensor.

Final Challenge

Session 6
Apply all you’ve learned so far and take on an advanced challenge that puts your skills to the test.

Want to see CoderZ in action? In our 14 day free trial you can try out the learning environment and see a sample of the curriculum.