May 24, 2017

Version 42.26.361

This version mostly focused on ironing out known issues, but we did manage to add a few new things including:

  • Brand new and improved intro tour, guiding you through our Getting Started Missions.
  • Major memory optimizations that improve load time and FPS but also reduce the chance to get “Running Low on Memory” issues
  • You can now access our new Coding Robot Curriculum right under the Learn section of the home page

We also managed to squeeze in some much needed fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Blockly from loading on slow connections
  • Links to more support articles from Blockly blocks help
  • Zoom in simulation works flawlessly, even around the HUD
  • You can now compare a sensor value with any value (Int, Double, Float)
  • Full screen is now fuller, also Run/Stop simulation button is visible in Full screen
  • Improvements to Declare Variable block
  • Simulation Blocks can now be compiled without error
  • Lejosonly initializes sensors that are used in code, instead of all, which saves some time when running on the real robot
  • Morebugs & fixes to minor to mention 🙂

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Next release will bring in support for a 2nd language. Guess which…