May 10, 2017

Version 42.20.320

It has been a very busy few weeks and we’ve been hard at work to bring you many new features and fixes. Here are the highlights:

  • Blockly categories can now be collapsed to leave you with more coding room. Isn’t that great?
  • Blockly can finally be zoomed in and out allowing you to see more (or less) of your code. You can also use the mouse scroller for quick zoom action
  • More help, closer to home. Search our Help center from anywhere in CoderZ using the Helpwidget. Search our support articles or leave us a message
  • New and improved Variable blocks making it easier todeclare and use variables, while making it harder to make mistakes such as using a variable that was not declaredyet
  • In the HUD, Color Sensor Red & ColorID values have moved in together
  • Timer has moved out (of the HUD) so it is always visible (when applicable)
  • No more accidental block deletions! Backspace no longer deletes a block (you can still use the Delete key)
  • New A-Mazing missions with all kinds of mazes
  • Console auto hides works even better – thanks for the feedback
  • TNT now goes BOOM!
  • Lot’s of minor and medium bug fixes

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