The value of online competitions: An interview with Suat & Murat


In order to better understand what teachers, administrators, and educators, in general, are going through, we decided to ask them how they feel while teaching remotely. This new paradigm has changed the way we think about educational processes, and the approach our students have to the content we share with them.

Long before this pandemic, we’ve been seeing the importance of a correct implementation of online learning, especially in the areas of STEM, STEAM, and robotics. CoderZ’s virtual robots have been around for long enough to show educators that their students can, indeed, learn in this format.

But, what are the real value of online learning and online robotics competitions? To understand this better, we decided to speak with 2 extraordinary teachers that have experienced in first person these two exciting things.

Suat and Murat: two teachers experiencing online learning and online competitions

Suat Kabar believes that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in it! This is his 2nd year at Coral Academy and his 8th year in teaching.

So far, Information Technology has been his favorite subject to teach. He loves computer networking, security, and currently, he is working on security programs.

Murat Özdemir or Mr. Oz, as his students like to call him, believes in lifelong learning, and leading by example in the classroom. He says that it is key to be a strong, positive role model, and to create a warm, welcoming, accepting, and safe environment for students. He has been teaching at Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas since 2014.

Now, how do these great teachers who had an extraordinary experience and participation in one of our latest online cyber robotics coding competitions feel about online learning? Let’s see what they think!

What is, according to you, the main value of a robotics competition that takes place online?

Suat: The main value would be encouraging students. Students would get some life goals and it can affect their future life. The most important thing is that these competitions are fun for them.

Murat: To me, the main value of an online robotics competition is to teach, learn, compete, and have fun while learning is happening.

What are the main challenges you see in both teaching and learning online?

Suat: I can say that the main challenge is coming together with students. This is difficult because some parents are working in essential business, and this is affecting students. From the learning side, I can recommend using some online tools and if you’re not familiar with those tools, this could be the beginning of a greater challenge for your students.

Murat: In my personal case, the student group that I teach is having a hard time with virtual learning since they are not old enough to be self-learners.

What are the keys to keeping your students motivated while learning STEM from home?

Suat: Staying home means more flexibility. But our goal is to keep them in an ongoing learning circle. With flexibility, learning comes a little bit easier for them. I did some teamwork dynamics, and that methodology motivated them.

Murat: Very simple. 1. Show them the fun part of computer science and gamification. 2. Have an online competition. 3. Share positive and encouraging reinforcements.

How can a tool like CoderZ help your students strengthen their 21st-century skills, especially while learning remotely?

Suat: From my perspective, it is important since it strengthens skills from an early age, and from there, kids can learn more coding functions. CoderZ keeps them more focused while learning remotely.

Murat: Actually, the combination of coding and gamification is the main strength.

Which tools would you recommend to other educators in order to deliver STEM-related abilities to their students during the Coronavirus era?

Suat: I definitely recommend keeping track of them and motivating students every time, there are numerous tools for this. On the other hand, using Google Sheets for attendance could work.

Murat: Follow-up sheets, and positive relationship with students.

Finally, what are the things your students love the most about CRCC and/or CoderZ? And what are the things you, as an educator, love the most?

Suat: My students enjoyed it when they participated in CRCC, they loved the school and class challenges. CoderZ was great practice for them.
For me, CRCC was really fun. I encouraged them and they did really great. We were in the Top 3 all the time.

When I saw CoderZ, to be honest, I was happy, because some students were struggling when we were doing CRCC, and I understood CoderZ might be a good way for them to learn. I also saw CoderZ launched some updates lately. I really like this “new version”.

Murat: I love how much fun it is and how it engages students. Also, I hear a lot of positive feedback from students. I do think all participants in the competition should be awarded in consideration of all the effort they put in.

Virtual robotics in your own class. The time for online learning is now! 

Online learning will become more and more relevant every day. Schools are adapting the way in which they deliver their curricula and the STEM classes are drastically changing and developing a new format.

Adding virtual robotics into your STEAM curriculum will enable you and your students to keep on learning, and to complete exciting robotics projects in an online learning environment that is gamified, engaging, and effective.

Take a look at what CoderZ has to offer,  the courses we have, the curriculum that you can include into your STEM class, and at all the future-ready skills your students can get while coding a virtual robot of their own.

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