Teach Girls STEM Subjects to Make a Real Difference

The inherent nature of most girls is to nurture and to make a difference in the lives of others; when you teach girls STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), you enable them to learn skills and pursue career paths that can change the world.

Every day women progress further and further into traditionally male-dominated careers such as law, business, and medicine, yet they’ve barely made a dent in areas like engineering, physics, and computer science.

STEM for girls

Are girls born with an interest in STEM?

Educational experts suggest getting girls interested in STEM subjects at a very early age; they say girls are just as strong as boys in math and science, but then they lose interest as time goes by. This indicates that teachers play an important role in keeping girls interested and engaged in STEM subjects as they progress through school.

However, other studies suggest that girls are just as likely as boys to take an interest in STEM and related pathways around the time they start playing with toys. That doesn’t negate the fact that as an educator, you have a great deal of influence on whether girls choose to pursue these subjects.

Available toys that encourage building, problem-solving, and the mechanics of how things work are skewed toward boys, leaving girls with the sense they aren’t cut out for a career in a STEM field.

STEM for Girls: Instilling perseverance through failure and encouragement

Your ability to create opportunities that give girls the chance to make a difference through STEM activities that are relevant and fun, while encouraging them to use their problem-solving skills can make all the difference in the world to them.

They need to feel that it’s okay to fail and continue trying; formulating a mindset of perseverance and growth that they can and will find a way to succeed. Mentors and positive role models like Julie Payette, an engineer and retired astronaut, prove that with perseverance and hard work girls can succeed as well as boys.

Teach girls STEM through service learning

Service learning is one of the methods you can use to teach girls STEM subjects and how to maintain their interest, using community projects that fluidly combine STEM content, technology, and 21st century learning skills to engage students in education that lead to a STEM career path.

Creating positive female STEM role models

Getting students engaged in learning is the goal of a dedicated teacher, but helping them build their problem-solving skills and inspiring them to choose a career where they can change people’s lives is just as rewarding for the school administrators. A girl’s belief in her own abilities increases exponentially with encouragement and exposure to positive female STEM role models. STEM education for girls directly impact the next generation of women scientists and engineers; will one of your students be the next Marie Curie?