Teaching coding has never been easier

For most teachers, it is a nightmare to discover new, exciting, engaging, and easy ways to teach their students coding and robotics programming. For years, teaching how to code has required from teachers, educators, and computer science coordinators several hours of preparation, long nights studying new programming languages for kids, and tons of new terms to comprehend.

Even though we all know how important it is for our students to learn coding, it was extremely challenging for educators to truly make that happen. In an era where everything evolves so fast, our students and faculty members should be ready to face an unknown future in order to succeed at it; Sadly, that is not happening as much as we would like that to happen for one big, fat reason: Teaching coding wasn’t easy.

All of that sad scenario is already in the past. Time for optimism has arrived. Teachers can now feel relieved, and stress can be left behind: In this article, we are going to show you why, with an engaging and gamified online learning environment, teaching coding has never been easier.

Discover in the upcoming lines, and in the video, we embed to this article, that now all students can learn coding and STEM through virtual robots. Now, each one of your students can have a cyber robot, and you… well, you won’t have to spend long hours without sleeping to make your classroom succeed.

A tool that helps teachers teach STEM and coding

No prior knowledge is required. CoderZ is an online learning environment that has ongoing elements of gamified learning, that is mission-based, and that cares about educators. In CoderZ, teachers will be able to find a number of pre-made, and proven curricula that will accompany them, and their students, throughout the class and the semester.

Offering this turns CoderZ into an attractive option not only for those students who never thought they’d be able to program robots but also for teachers who didn’t even think of the possibility of becoming coding guides and inspirators.

n we say that no prior knowledge is required, we mean it. CoderZ offers webinars for teachers, professional development, and all the materials educators need to give an engaging class to all their students. Yes, even those students who are not into STEM at all, and that want to dedicate their lives to contemporary arts, journalism, or entrepreneurship.

As some of you know, more than 65% of the coding jobs are not in the field of technology, therefore, all students should learn how to program, and all teachers should be ready to teach them those skills. Tools like CoderZ make that utopical dream, a stunning reality.

An online tool that your students find engaging and fun!

Another problem, when teaching how to code, is finding a tool that is scalable, accessible, engaging, and fun. Nowadays, there are a number of academic tools that offer students different learning experiences, space where they can apply hands-on learning methodologies to actually incorporate new knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Since CoderZ is a gamified learning environment, and mission-based, it offers students a unique possibility to both learn by doing, and to have lots of fun in the classroom. Another fact that used to challenge educators during their coding lessons was finding ways to make the class interesting, engaging, fun, exciting, and useful for their students; when implementing the values of gamified learning, and when understanding education from a Vygotskyan perspective, these challenges become easier to overcome.

Evaluations are also an issue teachers face when teaching almost anything. As we’ve said several times in the past, standardized tests don’t work, and we don’t think they show a real picture of the progress of a specific student. Formative assessment and PBL, on the other hand, allow educators to truly understand the process of each individual, and to extend a helping hand when necessary, to whoever needs it.

That is why CoderZ appears as an optimal solution for teachers who want to evaluate the progress of each specific student. That being said, having your students participate in a Cyber Robotics Coding Competition can also be a different and praiseworthy way to both evaluate and engage them in STEM and STEAM.

An interesting example of how easy is to teach coding

During this webinar we did a few weeks ago, Mr. Trevor Pope showed numerous examples and case studies to demonstrate that teaching coding has never been easier. If you missed the live session, don’t you miss the opportunity to watch this session now. Click play and enjoy this useful session:

Watch the webinar

Begin today. Coding has never been easier!

If you want to experience how it feels to teach coding with no pain or sleepless nights of preparation, register for a 14-day free trial of CoderZ and discover a new way to face this challenge.

If you are an educator and you need to teach your students how to code, or how to program a virtual LEGO Mindstorms EV3, you don’t need to suffer anymore! Just try-out CoderZ, and see with your own eyes that coding… has never been easier.

May the code be with you!