Enabling more students to learn with cyber robotics

Learning processes have changed. We live in a society that constantly demands the right skillsets and the correct abilities to succeed in a future which we don’t know much about.

As we have mentioned before, being part of this 4th industrial revolution opens thousands of possibilities both for teachers and for students to explore new learning methods, and offers the world a new educational paradigm; where Vygotsky becomes more relevant than Pavlov.

Understanding the importance of the STEM curriculums and the enormous place robotics have in our day-to-day lives, it becomes crucial to turn this subject into an accessible, achievable and affordable one both for our children and for the educational system worldwide.

Virtual EV3 in CoderZ STEM learning environment

One way to assure that, is virtual robotics and the implementation of a robotics curriculum (using cyber robotics) in every school. If you want to read more about this, here as an article we wrote about the importance of each school having a robotics curriculum.

Virtual and online robotics appear to break the distance between a world that appeared to be too far away, and to create a bridge between the school system and the 21st century skills that will be required from our students in the near future.

In a way, a STEM curriculum that goes hand-by-hand with an holistic cyber robotics solution, can provide students with the ability to think critically, develop problem solving skills and be able to work and succeed in a team setting.

A few days ago, we hosted a STEM curriculum webinar that spoke about this and other subjects. We had the privilege of hosting several hundred teachers from all over the planet, and Mr. Gary Garber gave an outstanding presentation that we would like to invite you to watch right here, right now:

As STEM educators, we should always find new, attractive, and engaging tools to incorporate into our STEM curriculums. Tools that can create a genuine desire for learning in our students, and tools that can be accessible from anywhere, by anyone at any time.

The desire has been created, and it would be irresponsible to prevent the continuation of this learning process.

We invite you to try-out CoderZ, an online learning environment where students worldwide learn STEM while programming real and cyber robots.