A STEM teacher story: Kathy Dasho

We just closed a fantastic year. A year in which we could show the world how amazing it can be to teach STEM with cyber robotics. A year of coding competitions, a year of outstanding produאקשבct development, and a year in which we could meet stunning people who found in CoderZ the perfect environment to give their students the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Today, we want to honor one the best teachers and robotics instructor using CoderZ to teach her students STEM and coding. We want to introduce Kathy Dasho.

Let’s get to know this STEM teacher and robotics expert a bit better

Kathy Dasho is the K-12 District Digital Learning Specialist for the North Reading Public Schools. She has been teaching middle and high school Technology and Robotics for over a decade.

But teaching isn’t everything in her life story! Prior to teaching, she worked for over 10 years in the Electronic Publishing industry as a technical trainer, Training Manager and Technical Support Specialist.

The motivation of a STEM teacher

Bringing real-world experience to students in the classroom is what motivates her, and we can recall, since that is the same bigger motivation we have within our team members.

But what makes Kathy want to wake up every day? “I’m continually inspired by the creativity, intellect and enthusiasm of my students. I truly like to challenge them to demonstrate their learning through a wide range of multimedia projects, programming and/or hands-on activities utilizing robots and cyber robotics.” -Kathy says, and keeps on inspiring our entire team with her words.

Robotics and cyber robotics tools: A number of tools to teach STEM

Our dear Kathy has taught with many different models of robots, beginning with early Legos, including NXT Mindstorms, EV3 Mindstorms, Edison robots and Raspberry Pi, Vex robots and now, with CoderZ.

Her background includes teaching at North Shore Community College and presenting at Masscue Technology Conferences, NPEN conferences, and Christa MacAuliffe Technology Conferences.

Places in which se have shown the world who she is, what she believes in, and the amazing things you can do as teacher, when your main inspiration is the amazing things your students can do.

New tools for STEM teachers: There is always something new to learn

Kathy delighted us, and our audiences, with an outstanding STEM webinar given a few weeks ago. In that webinar, she shared some anecdotes from her robotics club, told some stories about her students, and showed hundreds of educators the incredible things that can happen to a student when we expose them to cyber robotics.

Right here, you can watch the STEM webinar given by Kathy Dasho, called: “Robots in the Cloud”. Thank you, Kathy, for the great things you are doing! We have no doubt your students will be part of those who will, someday, make this world a better place.

Anybody can teach with cyber robotics

One of the most important things we had in mind when coming up with the idea of CoderZ was bringing STEM and robotics to all students in the world. Creating an engaging, gamified, learning environment that is fully compatible with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 it was only the firs step.

Now, we want to get to even more students, and create more exciting coding competitions. We want to deliver the right skillset for students to succeed in an unknown future, and we are sure that our platform can provide them with a big part of them.

You can also be a pioneer and bring this new, gamified, engaging learning environment to your students. Just register for a 5 day free trial of CoderZ here and start experiencing how does teaching feels when we incorporate cyber robotics.

May the code be with you!