The Best STEM Gifts for the 2017 Holidays

Wow! We can’t believe a year has passed since we recommended these 8 amazing STEM gifts for your students and children. Today, we want to insist on the importance of keeping kids within the STEM mindset both inside and outside of the classroom. Therefore, we came up with these recommendations of STEM and EdTech oriented gifts and presents to give your kids during this holiday season.

We know how important it is for our children to develop 21st century skills. We know how fundamental it is for them to learn how to succeed in an unknown future by strengthening their critical thinking, problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities. The STEM oriented presents and gifts we present here can help you help them achieve these and many other goals.

So, which STEM and robotics gifts do we recommend for the 2017 holiday season?


This amazing robot from LEGO Education can do almost anything you program it to do. Everything from playing a song on a guitar to building a robotic arm, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is one of the best tools for students and kids to learn how to program a robot. It requires hands on experience which is engaging and fun for kids (and adults).

Giving this LEGO robot as a present during this holiday season will, for sure, increase your children’s interest in STEM fields, and will allow them to explore new logical, unique and exceptional ways to solve real life problems.

2. Kiwi Co: Hands-on science and art projects

We’ve discussed how to make a space for art in STEM on many different occasions. We know how big of a deal it is to include art subjects in the STEM fields; turning the concept into something wider and more inclusive: STEAM.

When looking and researching for cool STEAM presents, we had to mention these great hands-on projects from Kiwi Co. They have cool projects from age 0 and until over 16 years old. They promise that “(…) your child will tackle new projects that build their creative confidence”, and seeing the cool things they offer, we think you should give it try. We recommend taking a look at their Doodle category… it is pretty cool and it can be an outstanding STEAM gift for this holiday season!

cue robot - CoderZ Blog - STEM gifts

3. Wonder Workshop’s newest robot for kids: Meet Cue!

Last year we introduced you to Dash and Dot; two amazing, cute, and cool robots from our friends at Wonder Workshop. This time, we want you to meet their newest creation for educational robots: Cue.

If you’re looking for a cool robot to give as a gift during this holiday season, take this into consideration: Cue offers your kids the possibility to experience interactive communication. Unlike the Dash and Dot, Cue has new emotive AI systems, more memory, improved sensors, upgraded processors, and advanced Bluetooth capabilities. Give it a chance!

4. Origami Robots: From paper to life!

And once again, we want to give the stage to STEAM. During the 2018 holiday season we want to offer you more than just one gift option that combines art with science, technology, engineering and math. The Origami robots are a cool option to understand sensors, connectors, technology, and their involvement with creativity, art and inclusiveness.

Take a look at these very cool origami robots and consider giving them to your kids as a present. It might be the gateway to an increase their interest in both STEM and STEAM subjects.

Virtual EV3 in CoderZ STEM learning environment

5. CoderZ: Cyber robotics and STEM for all!

Of course! How we wouldn’t tell you about our cyber robotics and the amazing new improvements we’ve made on CoderZ. For those of you who don’t know, CoderZ is an online learning environment where kids from all over the globe learn STEM with Cyber Robotics. Also, CoderZ is fully compatible with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3.

Since we’re at the end of the year, we want to offer a special promotion to all of those who want to get CoderZ for their homes or schools and introduce their kids to the STEM world through virtual and real robots.

So here’s the deal for the holiday season. When you purchase an annual classroom licenses of CoderZ for next school year we will give you the rest of this year for free. 18 months for the price of 12. We are offering the same deal for school licenses also.

So, what are you waiting for to introduce your kids to cyber robotics?

If you have any other items, products or services you’d like to add to this list, let us know in the comments below. May you all have a phenomenal holiday season and may the code be with you!