SESI: Success Story
SESI: Success Story

SESI: Success Story

Elementary School, Middle school, High school, STEM, Homeschoolers, Success Story
Updated: June 2022 Jun. 2022
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Elementary School, Middle school, High school, STEM, Homeschoolers, Success Story

Implementing a nationwide STEM and CS program in hundreds of schools in one year

SESI, Brazil’s Social Service of Industry, had a vision: to equip hundreds of thousands of children across the country with the technological skills, knowledge, and tools to become the leaders of Industry 4.0—the next generation of the job market.

As a key player in Brazil’s industrial sector, SESI were keenly aware of the nation’s demand for professional robotics training to increase efficiency and development. To make it happen, they would need an accessible edtech solution to administer STEM and Computer Science education to their network of schools and provide professional development to their teachers.

  • A more critical and conscious attitude towards the digital industry
  • An authorial and creative role within the digital universe
  • Problem-solving strategies in technology to address real-life challenges

With hundreds of schools across the entire country of Brazil, SESI knew they had the capacity to turn their vision into reality.

Established in 1946, SESI works to promote the social welfare of workers and their families, including
cultural, professional, and educational development across more than 400 schools nationwide.

CoderZ’s all-in-one platform with scaffolded STEM curriculum, gamified practice, and professional development for educators

The first step was to find a suitable edtech partner. CoderZ responded to SESI’s public tender and
was officially selected in May 2020, after meeting an expansive set of criteria, including:

Wisley João Pereira, Executive Director of SESI, explains how CoderZ helps SESI to advance its future vision: “CoderZ combines its curriculum theory and practice, so students can develop real solutions to real

Between September and November of 2020, a pioneering group of 400 teachers received professional development training for using the CoderZ platform and curriculum. During 2021, an additional 200+ teachers received PD training along with technical and pedagogical consulting from local CoderZ experts. Empowering this extensive group of teachers at scale was critical to the initiative’s success.

Following a successful first year, SESI expands CoderZ integration into the official STEM curriculum across the
networks’ schools

In 2021, more than 700 teachers and over 78,000 SESI students in 400+ schools used CoderZ to teach and
learn robotics and programming. And that’s just the beginning. Starting in 2022, the CoderZ platform is integrating into SESI’s STEM curriculum for grades 6 through 11 in most of the 27 federations.

It didn’t take long for SESI’s students to put their newfound skills to good use. During the first half of the 2021 academic year, more than 50 teams across Brazil participated in the CoderZ League, an international virtual robotics competition that has drawn tens of thousands of participants in recent years. All teams worked together to solve missions and challenges, while the top competitors placed into the Brazilian playoffs. Team ‘Takamassa Numuro’, from SESI Crixás in GOIÁS (GO), advanced to the world championship which was broadcast live to audiences all over the globe.

Katia Aparecida Marangon Barbosa, Technological Education Manager in SESI, sees a direct correlation between the students’ CoderZ experience and the future job market needs: “The students develop skills for working cooperatively in teams, despite their differences between one another. This is a required skill in the market. ”

Juliana Fonseca Duarte, Industrial Development Specialist, believes the CoderZ League is a key differential: “Every student that gets involved with CoderZ League necessarily develops skills related to computational thinking. And we don’t see this in other competitions”.

During the world finals, SESI’s students competed virtually with teams from USA, Ghana, Singapore, and Hong Kong—before eventually winning the title of world champions for the CoderZ League Junior Division.

Erica Soares Tavares, teacher of the winning team, is excited about the League’s impact: “It was a big surprise to get to the finals. It’s like winning the World Cup, but for robotics! The feeling for the students is priceless. Besides their personal skills and the technical competence, we’re also strengthening robotics in the school, robotics in SESI, in our country. We notice that it’s working, we’re on the right path. And this is the lasting impact I see.”

Students from the winning team see the benefits too: “CoderZ helped us to program more, and made it easier to solve problems that challenge us. It’s better for our day-to-day lives too, if we have a problem at home that’s hard to solve, now it’s easier”.

With such fruitful results just one year after implementing their strategic edtech initiative, SESI’s leadership and teachers have much to be proud of. They’ve set their students on a clear path to become the leaders of Industry 4.0.

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