Serious Educational Games and new STEM technologies: Educating for tomorrow’s world

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of having Dr. Leonard Annetta as a speaker in one of our STEM webinars. During our first conversation when preparing the session, Len brought up the subject of games in the classroom, from the unique perspective of serious educational games. It sounded intriguing and fantastic since that very first moment.

We asked ourselves how could we integrate more serious educational games into the classroom, and how they could help today’s students to be better ready for tomorrow’s world.

During the fantastic STEM webinar, Len explained in a lucid, ludic, and very clear way many interesting perspectives and thoughts. He started with the rise of serious educational games, giving super interesting examples. Then he explained the tiller over teller model, encouraging teachers and educators to ask themselves on which side they currently are; and to end, he went over some great examples about disruptive present and future STEM learning technologies.

But what’s the connection between STEM and Serious Educational Games?

Everything. When we educate for tomorrow’s world with the very little knowledge we have about it, we need to keep in mind one big fat goal: Delivering 21st century skills to our students.

Even if it is not clear to us the main features of this unknown future, we do know today which skills our kids will need to succeed in tomorrow’s world. And STEM, hand by hand with serious educational games, can provide our students with them.

Critical thinking, problem-based learning (yes, also project-based learning), analytical skills, and of course: Teamwork.

Games in the classroom: A new level for creativity and arts in STEM

When creating a game, something that kids do when in one of Leonard’s programs, there are many things that they are putting into practice. This, can be the perfect context for kids to integrate arts into STEM, giving a huge space for creativity to flourish, and for their wackiest creations to penetrate a line of code or a certain algorithm.

Games are not only to be played. Games are also here to be created, programmed and developed. And where better than the classroom space to do so?

Serious Educational Games: A fantastic STEM webinar for educators

We now invite you to watch Len’s great session.

Besides being a Professor of Science Education at East Carolina University, he has been researching and writing about the rise of Serious Educational games and the many benefits of game design and development. He also shared hisexperiences during his time as a high school science teacher, and showed us some of his research on how distance education inspired his current work.

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May the code be with you!

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