September 3 2020

Course Updates:

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

  • We received feedback that the camera angle is not very helpful when trying to complete some of the missions.We have added an explanation regarding control of the camera on activities that require the use of the mouse. This explanation will help users understand how to manipulate the camera angle to their advantage.
  • We fixed an issue with texts to make them clearer.
  • More minor bug fixes.
  • Canadian Frenchis now fully available for the course.

CoderZ League:

Lately we have been working hard on the content of theCoderZ League. The league, scheduled to begin on October 19th, is set to help students of all ages get into computer science by playing various exciting games against other students from schools all over the world. To see more details regarding the CoderZ League, please visit


  • Users who registered to the CoderZ League will now be added to the Manager after successful payment.
  • We have updated the confirmation email delivered to all users who sign up to CoderZ League.
  • The School Admin activation link will now allow admins to add up to 10 teachers to the school staff. All teachers added by admin will get activation email.
  • The School Admin activation link will now allow admins to divide the 240 students between teachers.


  • The Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge course is added to all users of CoderZ League.
  • Both CoderZ League Pro and CoderZ League Junior have been added to our website and will be available from the League’s start, scheduled to October 19th 2020.
  • The CoderZ League website has undergone a major update and now has much more information regarding the League’s structure, dates and much more. You can find the information at

If you want to report bugs or have any suggestions for features, activities or anything at all that you would like us to add in the future, please send them