How learning robotics can help our students succeed in tomorrow’s world

Sometimes becomes hard to imagine how the future will look like. Sometimes trying to acknowledge how fast technology progressed can be scary and fascinating at the same time.

We don’t want to be the bad guys, but we must let you know that in the very near future robots will replace humans in almost 70% of the current workforce. As simple as that, many of the jobs done by humans today, will be done by robots.

It is enough to see the AmazonGo supermarket to see how easy and comfortable things have become. But at the same time, the job market is becoming each day a bit more competitive. Therefore, being well prepared to face this new reality becomes a must.

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We must respond to this. We have to find new, engaging and exciting ways to teach our students subjects that will provide them with the right skill-set to succeed in the near future.

Why learning robotics can assure our students a wealthier and more successful future

It is true, eventually robots will replace most of us in our jobs. Sad story. But there is a positive side to every story: Someone has to program these robots, machines, IoT and artificial intelligence devices, right?

Learning how to code and how to program a robot can give the students of today the possibility of leading the change of an era, of designing these artifacts that are going to make our day-to-day life easier.

Besides developing skills like teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking, learning how to program a robot will nourish our kids with strong knowledge and abilities that will enable them to lead, create and code their way to success.

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The best programming languages to learn today, in order to succeed tomorrow

A few months ago we wrote about the best programming languages for kids, so we encourage you to read that article right after you finish with this one.

Anyways, this question has always been around. We truly recommend starting simple, learning how the structure of computational thinking is done with a few lessons of Blockly code. Afterwards, students can move to Java, C++, Python or other programming languages.

For now, let’s start with the basics, building a brain structure that will allow them to incorporate today the knowledge that they’re going to use to collaborate, cooperate and lead tomorrow’s creations.

How can my students learn how to program a robot?

CoderZ is the ultimate solution to do so. It is an online gamified learning environment where kids from all over the world learn STEM and STEAM with real and cyber robotics. CoderZ has many missions that will engage kids in the learning process of coding robots, allowing the teachers and guides to educate with real life examples.

Also, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, CoderZ is fully compatible with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. Students, FLL team members, and robotics fans can download the code they created on CoderZ directly to their EV3 bot.

Want to try it for free? We are now offering a 5-day free trial of CoderZ. Now, you can discover this new, exciting and renovated way to teach STEM with cyber robotics.