Robotics for Education: The revolution teachers should join today!

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As our very own Head of Product, Adi Shmorak, mentioned during his latest CoderZ webinar session, “robots are problem solvers”. We couldn’t agree more.

As a team, we deeply believe that with the right usage, these problem solvers that have a bigger and more intense participation in our daily lives every day, can be used for educational purposes.

Actually, they can be used to teach our students how to solve problems, applying critical, algorithmical and computational thinking.

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When thinking about the future, it should be crystal clear for every educator that our society is changing. Our students’ needs are not the ones we have, and we should educate them for their future, not for our past. Especially when it comes to STEM education.

It will be, for example, extremely complicated for someone from the next generation to find a job if they don’t know how to program or code. 21st Century skills are required from our current students to be better prepared than us to lead the world one day, tomorrow.

Robotics for education might be one of the best answers if you are wondering how to join this never-ending, exciting race.

Robotics in education are engaging, fun, effective, and it is a fact they can enable students to get those skills the 21st century requires from them, like problem-solving, critical thinking, computational thinking, etc.

Now, how teachers can join the robotics for education revolution and what they should look for

1) Talking to other teachers is a great idea, there are various online communities to meet other STEM and robotics professionals. Check out this online STEM community out and join. We are sure it can help you.

2) Check for professional development workshops and webinars. Every teacher who wants to incorporate a robotics curriculum should be trained and should become a master in the field. With a simple Google search, or by checking our own future and recorded STEM webinars, teachers will be better prepared for this generation of students.

3) Take a look at online cyber-robotics simulators to get an actual feel for it before acquiring the -in most cases- expensive hardware. In case you are working with the fantastic LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, we recommend you to take a look at this article where we mention what to look for in an EV3 online simulator.

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4) Practice. Be patient! We don’t learn everything from one day to the other. Sensors, motors and a Blockly visual editor are not always easy to understand in the very beginning.

As Master Yoda said: “Patience, you must learn patience”, and he continues by saying “(…) Pass on what you have learned”. And that’s the whole point, folks!

When actually learning about how important is to have a robotics curriculum and how to apply it, share the love and the knowledge with others who are lost, as you were at the start.

5) Also, we would like to offer you a unique possibility of watching this great webinar given by Mr. Gary Garber, where he explains in detail why is it important to incorporate robotics in education.

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So, how do you start adding a robotics curriculum to your school or class?

Robotics for education is a fun revolution. You could start by registering for CoderZ’s 5-day free trial, to check out our ultimate online learning environment.

This can be a huge help when looking for a tool that stands on its own but that is also a complement of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3.

We mentioned it before, join our online community for STEM professionals and don’t be afraid to ask. Hundreds of robotics educators are part of the group, and the entire STEM community is waiting for you, your stories and your questions.

We invite you not only to join this revolution, but also to be an active part of it. May the code be with you!

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