Robotics and Math

The field of robotics is not clearly defined. As a writer and Coderz tester here at Intelitek, I often find myself wondering what exactly robotics is. Is it a science? Is it purely a technology? There are a lot of numbers involved. Perhaps robotics is a subdivision of math?

In truth, robotics is something that stands on its own. It is a discipline that has no equal.

What makes robotics so special? It’s the fact that it takes aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math and combines them into a single, fascinating domain. The unbelievable diversity of the field of robotics and its incredible potential is the reason that robotics ignites the minds of students and professionals alike.

One thing that I noticed when working with Coderz is that robotics can also be a form of art. Just look at some of the designs that I created using the FTC robot’s pen and several simple Coderz block programs.

When it comes to artwork I am admittedly a novice. It’s easy to imagine, though, the amazing designs that a real artist could come up with while playing around with the Coderz interface.