RoboGabby: Conquering the worlds of STEM and Robotics

A few weeks ago, surfing the web, we discovered something that, in some way, changed our mindset and our direction. What we saw, came to reenforce our thesis. Tools like ours allow kids to get into robotics and to create interest in STEM fields in a way that is engaging, affordable and fun.

A few weeks ago, we saw RoboGabby’s first tutorial on YouTube and as soon as we saw her outstanding talent and passion for robotics, programming and STEM we understood that we wanted to know her story to take it as a constant source of inspiration for the work we’re doing in both of our offices.

Inspiring the world to get girls into STEM and robotics

Gabby Frierson, an extremely charismatic and talented 6th gradergirl from South Carolina, just loves programming and robotics. She thinks that every girl should know how to program, or at least, should get involvedin STEM activities.Half of Gabby’s desire to inspire, was developed after seeinglack of girls involved with STEM at her school. The other half comes from Gabby’s father, Drew Frierson, who is a Software Engineer for Boeing.

RoboGabby using CoderZ

“My dad introduced me to programming when I was 8 years old. Istarted out learning the Python programming language, and I did not quite understand why he was making he learn it. Eventually, I started doing fun things with code and began to like it. (…) By this time my interest in robotics grew, but it was not until this past summer when I really started to love STEM. I’ve discovered that being different was something cool, rather than something to be embarrassed about.

Gabby Frierson, RoboGabby

Nowadays, is not easy to find people who are so passionate about what they do. More than that, finding the leaders of the future in such an early age is something that occurs once in a blue moon. Gabby, with the help of her parents, has decided to take the field she loves in her hands, and with it, to inspire many others to accomplish their dreams. Through STEM and robotics, the Frierson’s are telling us that everything is possible.

Sharing knowledge on programming virtual and real robots

RoboGabby doesn’t only leaves her comfort zone, by learning only for herself; she actually shares her knowledge throughout the internet. She’s constantly creating tutorials and sharing outstanding content on her multiple social media accounts. Since we discovered her talent this way, we couldn’t not recommend you to follow her and to watch her amazing tutorials (especially the ones on CoderZ).

If you would like to be absolutely updated about RoboGabby’s genuine love for robotics, programming for kids and STEM, you should start following her here:

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Since we truly believe in giving the stage to those who actually deserve it, we contacted Drew, Gabby’s father, in order to get to know more about their story and to understand where is it that her contagious love for programming languages for kids and for bringing robotics to all started. We felt that it wasn’t enough with only mentioning her in the article of the best sites to learn about robotics we published last month.

Drew told us thatpushing Gabby to engage in STEM related activities really helped foster her love for STEM.” making clear that success not only depends on what happens at school, but also on the influence parents have at home and the possibility of continuing working on a STEM project when already at home.

What’s next? The next steps in robotics education for Gabby Frierson

RoboGabby using CoderZI was very nervous when I first started and scared that people would not like my videos. But everyone online and at my school seems to love my videos. I now consider myself a role model, because I am getting recognition from girls and boys all the time. (…)I am also planning on making Java programming tutorial videos and other fun STEM related videos in the future. I still do not have an actual physical robot, but I’m hoping to get a Vex Programming Control Starter Kit some day and start making tutorial vides with that as well.”

Gabby Frierson, RoboGabby.

Gabby is currently learning how to become to become the next CoderZ‘s rockstar, she opened a classroom in our online learning environment and she extended the invitation for girls around the globe to join her class. If you are interested in joining this wonderful path, next to en extremely talented, bright and charismatic kid, contact RoboGabby for more information.

We are very happy to have the possibility of sharing these experiences with Gabby and her parents. Having her as the youngest member of the team makes us proud and gives us more than one smile a day. In a way, people like RoboGabby show us that there is still hope, that some people keep pursuing their dreams and those are the ones that tomorrow, will change the world.

Thank you, Gabby, for keeping us focused and challenged. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for your hunger of passing to many others the knowledge you get.

If you, like RoboGabby, want to start learning how to program virtual and real robots while passing engaging STEM challenges, contact CoderZ today. We’d love to hear your story too.