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22 Sep

The best sites to learn about education and robotics

We are overwhelmed. We constantly receive information about new education and robotics sites, and without even noticing, we see ourselves in the middle of a pool of data, articles, experts and various notions about a certain field or reality. It becomes hard to find that exact material we were looki...

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20 Sep

Amazing TED Talks about Robots and Coding

There's no doubt, TED Talks always bring us inspiration, knowledge and new ideas to talk and think about. Robotics, education, coding and STEM are not the exception. There are some amazing perspectives about these subjects out there and we didn't want to miss the chance of showing you some of these ...

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13 Sep

Why you should teach your kids how to code

Don’t worry. You are not the first person in the world going through this dilemma. Many teachers and parents who didn’t grow up in a world that every day is becoming more digital, automatic and individualistic, ask themselves the same question: Why should I teach my kids how to code and program?...

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11 Sep

6 people in education and robotics who keep inspiring us

Just likeevery project, brand, product or service, we are in a constant search for inspiration. Many things inspire us to reach our goals and to build new strategies in order to get to a certain position in the worlds of education, STEM and robotics. Events, stories, books, people and many other ite...

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1 Sep

Tips from an Expert: How to succeed with your robotics team

We all want to be successful in whatever it is we are involved in: Our jobs, our hobbies and our relationships. If you are on a robotics team, you probably want to it to be successful too. But, what is success for a robotics team? Before we know how to achieve something, we must know what we want to...

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31 Aug

Seymour Papert: His work and his legacy

It’s hard to know from where to start when the subject is this amazing man. Seymour Papert did so much for the worlds of education and computer science that it becomes difficult to make people understand the huge influence he had in so many different industries and lives. Seymour Papert, who was b...

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23 Aug

Using movie robots in your code and robotics class

It usually takes more than just “it’ll be on the test” to motivate students to learn. Creating intrinsic motivation is crucial even for attractive subjects like coding and robotics. Showing students how amazing and useful it can be to to program a robot and bring it to life can go a long way. ...

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15 Aug

Using nostalgia to create the future

Books are going to disappear, at least in the format in which we know them. No more hard covers or pages with a smell that comes to surround us with stories that go beyond what’s actually written. A recent sociological study showed that today, less kids know how it feels to have blood become crust...

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8 Aug

How to Create Inquiry Classrooms to Transcend STEM Education

The definition of inquiry is to seek truth, knowledge or information through questioning; we do this even before we learn to speak, and we continue seeking and questioning throughout our entire lives. The inquiry-based classroom’s foundation of learning is to use this natural process of questionin...

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5 Aug

Flipped Classroom Meaning for Individualized Learning

Have you ever looked out over the rows of desks, the faces of the students that are staring back at you with an almost distant look in their eyes and thought, “There’s got to be a better way!”? That way is through flipped instruction, often referred to as the “Flipped Classroom.” Accordin...

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