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31 Aug

Seymour Papert: His work and his legacy

It’s hard to know from where to start when the subject is this amazing man. Seymour Papert did so much for the worlds of education and computer scie...

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23 Aug

Using movie robots in your code and robotics class

It usually takes more than just “it’ll be on the test” to motivate students to learn. Creating intrinsic motivation is crucial even for attracti...

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15 Aug

Using nostalgia to create the future

Books are going to disappear, at least in the format in which we know them. No more hard covers or pages with a smell that comes to surround us with s...

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8 Aug

How to Create Inquiry Classrooms to Transcend STEM Education

The definition of inquiry is to seek truth, knowledge or information through questioning; we do this even before we learn to speak, and we continue se...

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5 Aug

Flipped Classroom Meaning for Individualized Learning

Have you ever looked out over the rows of desks, the faces of the students that are staring back at you with an almost distant look in their eyes and ...

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1 Aug

Disruptive Technology Transforms the 21st Century Classroom

Teachers teach, but technology has changed the way students learn in the 21st century classroom. We can look back 20 years and see how computers paved...

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31 Jul

CoderZ meetup

The first Coderz meetup has launched successfully last week. We invite you now to join us in leading STEM Revolution in your environment with our supp...

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30 Jul

5 Best Programming Languages for Kids

Programming is a great skill for any child to learn and develop. Programming basics are something that anyone who will one day work with computers sho...

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28 Jul

May The Code Be With You

Itwould not be an understatement to say that coding is now the biggest force in STEM education. Back in 1995, in aninterview for Channel 4, SteveJobs ...

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25 Jul

Introducing Game Based Elements in Today’s K-12 Classroom

Too often as adults, we hear things like, “Life isn’t game,” and likely just as many times, we think for a split second that it should be. Resea...

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