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15 Dec

5 Education and STEM-oriented Professionals You Need to Keep in the Loop

Everyday, while looking for relevant information to give to the STEM community we’re building, we come across amazing people.People that are creatin...

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14 Dec

Tech giants’ race to teach coding for kids

Some of themost importanttech companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple are now focusing on teaching tomorrow’s workers and leaders of the world...

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12 Dec

8 amazing educational STEM gifts for your children

The holiday season is about to arrive. Some are already preparing their homes for Christmas while others are already getting their Menorah’s ready f...

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6 Dec

Is programming the most important skill for job seekers?

According to Glassdoor, technology positions are the hottest jobs at the moment. A recent report by the company showed that eight of the top 25 jobs i...

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22 Nov

More interesting articles and videos about STEM Education

Developing an educational tool that teach kids how to code through the amazing world of robotics and within the STEM pathways has been challenging, ex...

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16 Nov

The education revolution has begun: Empowering our students

I didn’t like my math teacher, she was harsh, tough and not very practical. In the other hand, my chemistry teacher could build a real connection wi...

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9 Nov

Why kids should learn code as a second language?

Computer science is the new language of the world, and it’s also one of the fastest growing occupations. Almost everything in our daily lives relies...

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3 Nov

CoderZ News: Webinars, MassTEC, MA STEM Summit and more

We’ve always considered that being transparent is a fundamental part of our job. We couldn’t simply sit behind our desk and not share with you eve...

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31 Oct

Megan Smith: Leading technology nationwide

When thinking about a successful career in the fields of technology, innovation, leadership and building the roads we're all going to walk through in ...

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27 Oct

Best coding websites for kids

There has never been a better time to teach kids how to code. Recent researches have showed that programming is one of the most valuable skills that p...

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