Online Professional Development for Teachers

This is only the first of a series of posts discussing useful, practical and advantageous tools for teachers. In this professional development series we will speak about online opportunities for professional development, workshops, classes and much more.

Today, we’d like to open this series with the subject of online professional development sessions for teachers.

Here at CoderZ, we take the online world very seriously, offering not only a unique community for STEM teachers and robotics experts, but also hosting webinars and online workshops on a monthly basis. Therefore, we want to to share with you now some of the options we’ve found.

The idea is for teachers to be well prepared in order to face an unknown future. Only with the right tools they will be able to guide their students through a path in which they’ll get and implement the skills they need to live and succeed in the 21st Century.

online professional development for teachers

STEM Webinars for teachers

Attending and participating in relevant webinars is a great way to start exploring the world of online professional development for teachers. Lots of STEM related companies and organizations are organizing amazing sessions with outstanding speakers.

In the past few months we’ve been hosting sessions, and giving certifications of attendance to teachers, in the fields of formative assessment, robotics curricula, Blockly code as an educational tool, skills to be a better STEM teacher, etc.

We are constantly searching for the next big thing, so we invite you to stay tuned. Great sessions are coming your way. Remarkable teachers, educators, robotics experts and outstanding members of the LEGO Education team will share their knowledge with you, and with every teacher who decides to join CoderZ’s free sessions.

Check out our STEM webinars site to watch all of our previous sessions and to subscribe for the upcoming ones.

Online Workshops

During June we hosted a 3 part series of robotics workshop. Over 200 educators attended the live, interactive sessions and hundreds more view the recordings.

Adi Shmorak, our Head of Product Innovation led the workshop giving examples, exercises and explanations for all the STEM teachers who were part of this.

We are always looking for more interesting subjects to talk about. We want to host more online professional development sessions for teachers, so we need your help!

If you have any ideas just contact us via Twitter or Facebook and we will make sure to plan and execute a session of that useful subject you proposed.

To watch our latest series of online workshop for STEM teachers you can either enter our YouTube channel or see all the sessions together, here.

online professional development for teachers

Other great sources for online professional development for teachers

A few weeks ago, Ken Gracey (Parallax’s CEO) was the speaker for one of our STEM webinars, and it was an honor. His company is now offering online sessions of professional development.

We invite you to look at their website and explore the offers they have. We’re sure you are going to find them interesting and relevant.

If you want to watch the webinar Ken Gracey gave for CoderZ’s audience, you can just click here and hit play.

We’ve mentioned the importance of including arts into STEM in previous publications of this Blog. Therefore, we want to give a special place to EducationCloset and their online courses and professional development in the integration of art into STEM.

Watch their STEAM curriculum and learn more unique ways to improve your class.

One more! The great organization NSTA also offer remarkable online sessions, you can take a look at their previous webinars and register for future webinars in their virtual conferences section on their website.

Some news: Professional Development for Teachers in Houston!

You’re right! This didn’t happen in the online world. But we just want to share with you some pictures of this great experience we had in Houston, together with the great presence of Dee Wallace.

Check out the pictures and follow us in our different online channels to know when the next live event is happening and where is going to take place.

May the code be with you!

CoderZ professional development Houston

CoderZ professional development Houston

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