October 9, 2018

Version 1.71.1597

This is another big one…

Meet the Learning Center!

Until now missions were all gathered together in packs under the Mission Center. It was crowded, difficult to orient and let’s face it -ItwasBAD! Ithad nofire,no energy,no nothing!

No More,
Now with the Learning Center, packs have meaning. Each pack focuses on a specific topic and included only relevant missions. This means there are less missions in each pack, but more pack.
To wrap it all up, we placed packs into Courses. This lets you and your students focus even more on what counts.
Want to see it? Log in or check this short video.

But there is more…

  • Teachers can control student’s progress in courses by locking/unlocking packs for students. Check it out
  • Score progress bar to always see how well you are doing

Still to come

  • Badges, so your achievements will have a name and a badge
  • Access CoderZ teaching materials right from the Learning Center
  • View and open projects of your students to get even more visibility into their progress

Want your feature requests or favorite bugs here?

Tell us what they are: feedback@intelitek.com