November 26, 2018

Version 1.76.1691

Smart Blocks are getting better and better:

  • The bugs which caused Smart Blocks to reproduce, merge, augment, switch, scramble, shift or twitch are all a thing of the past. Think not? Let us know.
  • Smart blocks Actions are in town, and they are here to stay. You can not Rename, Reset, Remove and Delete smart blocks using the options menu of the smart block

CoderZ Crash course is now named Cyber Robotics 101, with more missions, more presentations, better pacing guides and much more. Get it out here.

We also added a new hidden feature to make missions more challenging for our upcoming CRCC Finals. We can’t say what exactly, but we’re tempted to let a clue out 🙂

Want your feature requests or favorite bugs here?

Tell us what they are:

Coming soon:

  • Google SSO
  • New activity types to bring our curriculum into CoderZ
  • Simulation performance optimizations

We’re also working on new bugs, let us know if you notice them 🙂