More interesting articles and videos about STEM Education

Developing an educational tool that teach kids how to code through the amazing world of robotics and within the STEM pathways has been challenging, exciting and highly fulfilling for the entire CoderZ team.

At both of our offices, we’re absolutely sure that improving education with new and optimized tools will only make this world a fairer place with more horizontal hierarchies. We’re positive that nurturing kids with the necessary skills the 21st century requires from them can be done in a engaging, affordable and accessible way.

A few weeks ago we shared with you a selection of interesting TED Talks about robotics and education. Also, we shared a group of great sources of education, robotics STEM and EdTech content.

This time, and once again, we would like to share some interesting content around EdTech, STEM Education and some interdisciplinary abilities being brought to students through-out robotics classes.

Check out the following sites, videos and articles and start learning about this new dynamic way to teach. Enjoy!

Cesar Harada’s TED Talk on how to show kids to love science

In this TED talk from middle 2015, Cesar Harada talks about his own experience while learning and teaching science. Take a look of the amazing things he has done with his classroom, encouraging imagination and problem-solving abilities.

Seymour Papert: Remembering his legacy in our daily activities

There’s no doubt, while writing the article about Seymour Papert a few weeks ago, we fell totally in love with his mindset, his work and his legacy. Now, we want to bring him up again to invite you to read what we wrote about him.

We are sure that you’ll start staring at education, coding, STEM and problem-solving abilities from a more open point of view.

Seymour Papert

US Department of Education: STEM education as a national goal

Sometimes is good to go back to the roots, to see where everything started. In this site you’ll be able to see the original source of STEM education. The goals, the plan, women in STEM, studies regarding the future of the industry, etc.

A few weeks ago we even wrote an article about America’s CTO, Megan Smith. We extend the invitation for you to read it and to understand the extremely important job she’s doing and the remarkable connection it has with STEM education.

If you are curious about where everything about STEM started and where everything might go in the near future, you should definitely visit the STEM website from the US Department of Education.

David Lee: Making EdTech and STEM a way of living

It’s just amazing to see people who constantly live enlightening and inspiring others, that’s David Lee’s case. Besides being the STEM Coordinator for the Korea International School in Seongnam, he also created an amazing portal around STEM and EdTech resources.

We invite you to spend more than just a few minutes in David’s website and to read all the extremely interesting content he shares, writes and publishes about STEM education, EdTech and interdisciplinary instruction and curriculums.

Check out this amazing infographic about STEM education he created.

David Lee - STEM infographic

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