Version 1.68.1489

This release brings a few back end improvements including:

  1. Organization admins can be assign with mission packs (by CoderZ Admin)
  2. Organization admin can edit mission packs to their teachers (they get them all by default)
  3. Organization admins get an activation link to set password (instead of a default one)
  4. Organization admin dashboard now includes more data on users activity
  5. CRCC timers can be set by competition admin (and paused)
  6. Smart blocks bug fixes
  7. Other bugs fixed

Coming up:

  • Smart block training missions
  • Class and student progress heatmaps

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Why Coderz?

Students at CODERZ can learn how to code virtual or real robots using a step-by-step tutorial.
CoderZ is an easy-to-use, highly flexible virtual robotics platform tailored to serve every student,
at every level, creating an unparalleled, cutting-edge STEM experience for teachers and students alike.

Cloud-based, accessible online from the classroom or from home
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