July 12, 2017

Version 42.28.468

Big surprise to all you EV3 fans. CoderZ now supports the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot educator model, in simulation as well. Go take a look – we think it looks AWESOME!

We did manage to add a few newfeatures

  • New streamlined, intuitive student invite system.
  • Improvements to manual control + manual control over robot arm using (,) to lower the armand (.) to lift it
  • Blockly blocks list now close automatically
  • Completely new steering system, making the robot more accurate and repeatable. You can now rely on encoder counts to control the distance the robot travels

We also managed to squeeze in some much needed fixes

  • Improvements to spanish support including translation to a bunch of annoying error messages
  • Resolved an issue causing simulation to do not load
  • Touch sensor no longer detects the collectibles
  • Mouse wheel no longer zooms blockly in/out
  • Fixed an issue in which downloading a code to an EV3, makes the robot turn, when should go straight
  • Over 100 small to medium size bugs that were roaming around….are no longer in sight 🙂

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Next releases willinclude a new self-registration mechanism, more missions, leaderboard and additional language support