January 28 2020

Version 2.95.51

Teacher/Organization Admin Updates:
  • Course Progress – now you can choose how missions become available to your students:
    • All packs open
    • Pack by Pack
    • Set by Set
    • Manual
      See full article HERE.
  • Google SSO – sign in/login with Google
  • ClassLink SSO – sign in/login with ClassLink


Course Updates:
  • Coding Robots course has been revamped and is now called ‘Coding Robots 2.0’, featuring enhanced and improved missions, as well as lesson plans embedded seamlessly in the platform.
  • Cyber Robotics 101 lesson plans and teacher’s guide now available in Spanish and Hebrew as well.
  • Our new course Cyber Robotics 102 is now available, featuring the fancy new Ruby Robot and new Blockly commands, a physically accurate environment and over 15 hours of content, including embedded interactive lesson plans and a detailed teacher’s guide.


Platform Updates / Bug Fixes:
  • New lightweight simulation – now when you want to check your code and run your simulation, it loads much faster!
  • And in case the simulation still doesn’t load on your computer, we’ve put up a new article with helpful tips on how to tackle the ‘black screen’ HERE.
Coming Soon:
Lots of new features and more content – here’s a taste:

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