Industry Giants Working to Improve Education

Do you remember that a long time ago we wrote about the giants who are in the race to teach coding for kids? Well, in this opportunity we decided to go one step forward and speak about some very big players from different industries who are aiming to take education to levels we’ve never seen before.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, we understand education from a Vygotskian perspective, that refers to it as a constant process of social interaction. When taking this philosophy into something concrete, formative assessment comes to mind, and focusing on the students’ process instead of focusing on standardized tests, becomes the center of the discussion.

Some of you might not know, but a big player like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and even Intelitek are doing wonderful things to transform the current educational model and allow the students of the future reach new, higher hills.

Let us introduce you to some of these great, altruist, real projects.

Facebook, Google and Microsoft are improving education

Yes, these platforms we generally use for everyday activities are always creating new praiseworthy initiatives to improve educational methodologies, philosophies, and technologies. Want to learn more about them? Check this out!

Facebook for Education

As you can see on Facebook for Education’s website, numerous initiatives are being taken by this corporation in order to improve education in a number of different levels. From tools for emotional learning, tools that connect students with the tech world, and to the acquisition of Oculus, Facebook is working hard to educate in a different, new way.

Why Oculus? Oculus is an AR and VR system that can definitely innovate in the way we teach students today. Can you imagine having a learning experience within an augmented reality system? Well, Facebook through Oculus and their education innovative initiatives might make this possible sooner than later.

The most important thing is: Anyone can improve education! Facebook is opening the space for anyone, with the necessary skills, and the willingness to create a better future, to innovate in one of their multiple education platforms. Have something in mind? This could be your ideal arena.

Google: Innovating in Education

Every year, when CoderZ attends the BETT show in England, we pay lots of attention to the Google booth. It is incredible to see the outstanding solutions and assets they are bringing to the Edtech world.

Starting from the amazing Chromebooks, and having even tools to better manage the classroom, Google offers multiple solutions that focus both in K-12 and in higher education.

As an educator, you’ll be able to explore the innovative usage you can give to Google’s G-Suite tools, to their Chromebooks, and even to the blockly-style code they also provide. Actually, is centered in creating solutions within the world of collaborative learning, and we couldn’t agree more with this way of thinking.

Microsoft: Empowering students, worldwide

Just like every big player from the tech industry, Microsoft also understood the importance of getting into the education field, and of creating and offering a wide variety of solutions to educators and learners, worldwide.

With the goal of “empowering every student on the planet to achieve more”, Bill Gates’ team is both creating affordable technologies to use in the classroom, and offering valuable content to teachers and educators to help them boost the innovation they apply in the classroom.

What are they mainly focusing on? Well, Microsoft is almost-fully centered in personalized education, offering professional development for educators, and in creating a real change in the way we use our time in the classroom. Don’t you think they deserve applause?

Intelitek, CoderZ and ISCEF: CRCC for everyone!

Inclusiveness Award North Hampton School

Those who teach STEM with robotics, like CoderZ, and those who have been involved in robotics for education for over 30 years, like Intelitek, are also joining forces to create a revolution in the education world, and in the way we currently teach.

This goes way beyond the online learning platform CoderZ offers schools to teach STEM to their students while each one of them gets his or her very own virtual robot. These companies, together with other sponsors and foundations, created the first Cyber Robotics Coding Competition.

It is in spaces like this one when the democratization of education gets real. Solutions that used to be extremely expensive become accessible, affordable, scalable, engaging, and fun. It is in this kind of spaces where students discover that a new way of learning is possible.

If you want to experience how does it feel to teach STEM with virtual robots, just register today for a 14-day free trial. Let yourself, and your classroom, be surprised… and may the code be with you.