How to improve your STEM teaching skills while sick at home

You’re right. Being sick is frustrating. Not being able to get out of bed to do what makes you feel yourself it is, indeed, not a pleasant feeling. Anyways, if you happen to be sick, we bring you 4 tips to improve your STEM teaching skills in this bad, slow day.

First of all, and before you continue to read this article, go prepare a hot tea. Wear a comfortable robe, and prepare yourself to use this day to your advantage.

We know students aren’t patient by definition, so if you don’t come up with new exciting ideas for your class, at some point, this will affect their motivation and with that, their progress.

Lay back, start drinking your tea, and be prepared to read these 4 tips to improve your STEM teaching skills while sick at home:

Improve your STEM teaching skills while sick - CoderZ

1. Watch interesting talks about education and STEM

Being sick can be a great opportunity to use your time in order to learn new things! In your daily, normal routine, you don’t often have time to listen to leaders of opinion in the STEM and robotics world.

We strongly recommend you use this time to research, watch others like you speak about education, and to get inspired.

A few weeks ago, we shared here a fine selection of speeches and talks around STEM, education, and robotics. We invite you to take a look at them, to click on play, and to use this time to learn new ideas by listening to those who are rewriting the definitions of education.

Listening to someone who is as passionate as you for the same field, and to the new ideas they bring to the table, is always interesting. This activity can provide you with lots of energy on a down day.

2. Read interesting articles about STEM education

If your headache allows you to read, this might be a great option. Sources like EdSurge, STEMconnector, or even the CoderZ Blog, are always renewing the content offered for teachers. Subscribe to relevant blogs (like this one!), and with very little research on Google, you’ll have enough material to get inspired.

The latest news from LEGO education can actually be super relevant if you’re more of a robotics-oriented teacher.

On the other hand, the last announcements from the different STA’s (Science Teachers Associations) around the United Statescan always provide you with new, great tools and inputs on what you love doing the most: teaching.

3. Stay up-to-date with the latest STEM news

Now you have time! Read the news! Go check what are the new projects from the Education departments of your state, check what your district is planning, discover new and amazing online learning environments for STEM education, etc!

Use your time in bed, to discover new things that will motivate you to get out of it as soon as possible.

It’s not enough to improve your skills. What’s happening in your local environment could affect your teaching. Stay up to date, read the news, and be prepared! Bless you! (just in case you sneezed during this paragraph).

4. Meet other STEM professionals online!

We know. It used to be hard to meet people without leaving the house. But that’s a story from the past. If you are at home, and you want to see what other teachers are doing in their classes, we invite you to join this exclusive online community for STEM teachers.

In this online community for STEM teachers, you will be able to connect, to talk, to discuss, to shareand to receive. Without the need to leave your house.

You see? Being sick can be very productive for teachers sometimes.

5. Bonus track: Rest, sleep, recharge your batteries and get well soon!

Actually, the best thing you can do on a day like this is to rest. Lay back, sleep a few more hours, eat healthy food, and have lots of tea. Todayis a day for you.

Treat yourself, maybe watch a good movie and enjoy the extreme usage you are giving to your pillow. Never forget that if you aren’t OK, your students won’t be OK either.

We hope these tips were useful for you, and we also hope you get better very soon. Bless you! (Just in case you sneezed again).