What’s New in New Hampshire? Grants for Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire! Get Help Here!

Check out our FREE GRANT APPLICATION TEMPLATE for the Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire Grant opportunity!

Welcome to New Hampshire, a state full of opportunity! The newest opportunity: Funding for Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is leading the charge for computer science engagement outside the classroom and is supporting this with grants for Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire!

Read on to find out step by step how to score up to $15k for your district and to give YOUR students the best chance at the future with Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire.

First things first- The Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire grant program website lives here and the grant application website is here. And even better news, this is an easy grant! So grab a pencil and start writing!

Step 1: Find a partner! Like us!

This grant requires that your district partners with an organization AND that you are participating in at least one robotics competition. In order to submit the application, you must be prepared with a letter of commitment from the partnering organization. This is where CoderZ is MORE than happy to help. Check us out and we’ll get your necessary materials to you faster than a robot bytes! Our CoderZ League competition is fully virtual and is in full swing with a global reach. Wouldn’t it be cool for your students to say that they’re the best coders in the entire world?

Step 2: Be prepared!!

As with all grants, be prepared with your resources before you start the grant application in the system. Thankfully, the questions are available in advance (and below!) on the New Hampshire Request for Application Form. Something important to remember is that you will need certain materials in advance, as well as confirmation of support from both a partnering organization (maybe us????) and from your superintendent and your building administrator. Make sure you have those before you submit your grant application. A quick note here- the deadline is December 10th, 2021, but applications ARE being accepted after that date if funds allow. So start now!

Creating a document with these example questions answered in advance makes it easy to keep your information organized and apply ASAP. Why not use our template right here to get started? Don’t forget to have your supporting documents saved in an easily accessible location so you can upload them directly to the form.

Step 3: Be specific

When completing your application, be specific and succinct in each section. And the most important piece of advice, make sure you answer the question! My suggestion? Ask coworkers to read your submission before you finalize your application. The easier you can make it to understand for the grant committee the better. They will likely read through many applications. Make it easy for them to choose yours.

Step 4: Be detailed

The application for the grants includes the following sections: Email, School Information, Team Information, Partnering Organization Information (that’s us!), Budget, and Summary of proposal. Easy Peasey! Just be sure you’re prepared to answer each section as you prepare your grant application reference document. 

Something else critical to remember is that the awarding committee will prioritize districts that serve a higher percentage of students in the school’s average daily membership in attendance who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. But all districts are encouraged to apply.

Preparing for the sections


This section is easy and asks only one thing: Your email! If you know that, then you’re all set. Note, the google form is also collecting your email and saving your progress so you can return to the form to finish at a later date. Pretty neat!

School Information

The section asks for information that identifies your district. Like your SAU number, and contact information for your district and building leadership. One additional thing to remember in this section is that you must verify that your superintendent and building principal have authorized submission of the application. So keep them apprised as you pursue this awesome opportunity!

It will also ask you for your school’s percentage of students that are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. So have this statistic on hand in advance.

Team Information

Looking for an opportunity to brag about your awesome robotics team? Here it is! This section asks you for data and information about the current robotics team situation at your school and how additional funds would impact it! It will also ask you which type of robotics program your school will participate in. CoderZ League is a great answer!

Partnering Organization Information

The partnering organization must be a sponsor, business entity, or institution of higher education. If you’re in need, CoderZ checks all of these boxes and is extremely helpful because we love and believe in robotics. We’re even headquartered in Derry, New Hampshire! Stop by and see us in action sometime!


This section is simple, which is not always the case for grants! For this application, the state has provided a template and it couldn’t be simpler. Allowable expenditures include robotics kits, parts and tools, registration fees, transportation to events/competitions, team shirts, and a stipend for the Coach/Advisor! That’s you! Probably!

Note- You will need to complete a year one and a year two budget so make sure you have two separate documents prepared.

The only limitations are on transportation costs ($1200), TShirt costs (up to $15 per student), and the coach/advisor stipend is limited to $2,000.

The most important thing here is to know what your anticipated costs will be based on your number of students and teachers who will be impacted by the grant funds, and which vendor you will be using! The best way to make sure your numbers are right is to get a quote from your selected vendor before you apply.

Summary of proposal

This is where you write! The summary of proposal is where you get to tell your story and tug on some heartstrings. The summary is limited to 300 words and asks you to answer four questions:

  1. Provide an overview of the school’s current robotics program or planned robotics program.
  2. Explain how the program will meet Absolute Priority 1.
  3. If applicable, explain how the program meets competitive priorities 1-4

Priorities can be found on the request for applications document. Along with a scoring rubric. Before you submit, I recommend that you run through it and see how you would score! And make changes accordingly. But don’t forget to trust yourself. You’re an incredible writer!

Step 5: Submit and DOMINATE

Cross your T’s, dot your I’s, and submit! That! Form! Then, get prepared to take your robotics team to the coolest competition around, CoderZ League!

Robotics Competitions in New Hampshire

Robotics and New Hampshire have a special relationship, and this grant opportunity further demonstrates the deeply held belief at the state level that robotics is essential to education and is the next frontier for students of tomorrow. Let CoderZ support your quest for the superior robotics competition and integration of computer science into all classrooms in your building. Check us out today!