Feb 7, 2018

Version 42.36.1112

CoderZ 2018 is new and improved. It has been a while since we last updated CoderZ, mostly because we were working hard on our Cyber-Robotics Coding Competition in NH, NV, Israel, Paraguay and a few more coming.

Here are the highlights, hope the wait was worth it.

  • Missions are now categorized, choose between Training missions, Coding Robots or try our Extra Challenges.
  • Improved tours and tips for the training missions
  • Camera angle starting position changes according to mission, to allow better view of the scene.
  • New Comment block to make annotation of code easier.
  • Class pages have been redesigned to make navigation and usage easier on the eye.
  • Some missions now offer you to submit us with your rating and feedback – please do.
  • New login page, make it easier to join a class, sign in or sign up.
  • Don’t beat yourself up -Skip Mission is now an option – only when you fail a mission.
  • Use the force to turn on sensor rays in simulation. Or better, ‘U’ for ultrasonic and ‘C’ for Color sensor.
  • Restart Mission is now available from the top tool bar (and from mission menu)
  • Solutions to all Training Missions (Coding robots are next)
  • Tip reminder – fail a mission too many times and the tip’s light bulb icon will light up
  • If your robot crashes or scratches something, sparks will come out
  • Improved snapping action to blockly blocks


So many bugs and issues you may have never seen, or that drove you mad are now fixed, not to worry, we will probably added a few to replaces those we fixed.


Coming up:

  • More Missions
  • Admin account (to manage multiple teacher accounts)
  • Support for FTC Snapdragon robot
  • Improvements to Profile page
  • Tours on how to get started with class management and Coding Robots corriculum
  • Functions in Blockly


Want your feature requests or favorite bugs here?

Tell us what they are:feedback@intelitek.com