Essential Skills for Future Coders

As technology continues to rapidly innovate and dominate the world as we know it, coding is quickly becoming the most valuable language to have on your resume. This is no longer only applicable to data scientists or IT specialist positions — people who know how to code are becoming essential in every part of the business world. Marketing, the medical industry, manufacturing, and retail departments alike are all looking for candidates who understand their sector as well as the ins and outs of programming. Thus, it’s best to hone these skills, sooner rather than later.

What You Need to Know

The act of actually being able to code a program involves learning a coding language and being able to implement it. There is a plethora of skills, however, which go into being able to implement coding languages to meaningful ends. Think of the language as a tool; with additional skills required to effectively use this tool. These skills include basic mathematical skills, a passion for problem-solving and confidence around a computer. These are basic skills which any coder needs, to simply be able to do the job.

Another, often overlooked side of any coding-related job, is the high level of communication, teamwork, and creativity which forms a major part of coding. Coders need to be able to effectively communicate with their clients and colleagues, to clearly explain what they are doing or to be able to understand what needs to be done. Creativity is also a crucial aspect, as the essence of coding lies in creating something that hasn’t been created before. Therefore, coders need to learn how to tap into their creativity, as well as what to do when they hit a creative coding wall.

A final skill that will hold coders in good stead is an understanding of cybersecurity. Coders need to understand why cybersecurity is so important and as a result, practice good cyber-hygiene. Where criminals used to focus on breaking into offices and stealing equipment, they have now learned that breaking into a business’s system and stealing data and sensitive information is a more lucrative practice. Cybercrime has become a common practice, and so it is imperative that all employees, and particularly employees involved in the tech side of things; understand why cybersecurity is vital to business success.

Where Can You Learn?

CRCC Students CoderZFuture coders do not need to, and most certainly should not wait until they reach university to start learning the technical skills they need. For parents who want to do their children the favor of teaching them programming skills at a young age, CoderZ offers a great online coding and robotics program. For older children, programming courses and skills class are being offered as part of the school program in various countries, and there are various cyber-robotics coding competitions which children can take part in, including CRCC — an online robotics tournament that engages students in coding.

Finally, for those who have left the school system and who are looking to sharpen up their coding skills, there are various options of non-traditional coding instruction to choose from. These options include short courses at your community library, coding camps that focus on specific areas of coding.

Coding is the lingua franca of the future — it is both a language and a skill that can open many doors. It is important to ensure that you are sharpening up on all the skills required for coding if you want to succeed in the future, no matter where you are in our education journey.

Adrian Johansen is a writer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves sharing information and learning from others. You can find more of her writing on contently.