The education revolution has begun: Empowering our students

I didn’t like my math teacher, she was harsh, tough and not very practical. In the other hand, my chemistry teacher could build a real connection with me and with the rest of the class, only by creating a genuine space of participation.

Math Teacher - CoderZ

Somehow, in the middle of the 90’s, he innovated and used various intelligent tools to show us what the regular curriculum asked him to teach, but in a way that was engaging, fun and even applicable for some aspects of our day to day live.

I didn’t become a scientist, and of course I didn’t become a mathematician. But those two opposite poles showed me whichpatterns I should import to my own system when lecturing, speaking or helping my students to learn better.

From old math classes to STEM

We cannot pretend the system hasn’t changed. In a thousand of different fields, this world is constantly mutating. Human connections are being shaped according to social dynamics, educational curriculums and interactions. Even today’s hierarchies change every day into something more equal, horizontal, reachable and accessible.

empowering our students coderZ

Today, when we learn something we want toturn that knowledge, as fast as possible,into tools that we can use whenever needed. Living in a world where everything must be fast and instanthas forced us todemand content, learning environments and tools: All in one. All together. All now.

It’s a fact! The old system for teaching isn’t working anymore: Today’s kids want, request and need a learning space with participation and with a clear delivery of the tools they’ll need to use when shaping tomorrow’s world.

Therefore, the passage from this old system into STEM challenges education professionals worldwide. It’s just huge how something that started in the United States is now penetrating Latin America and even India.

We would like to mention our pals from “Ciencia Joven”, that from Chile are working hard to integrate STEM to an entire nation, and then to an entire region of the planet.

Montessori Materials - CoderZ

A lot of tools have been created to fullfill the needs of STEM and to be on top of the needs this innovative educational system requires. Being part of this team has allowed me to realize how much CoderZ helps kids to get into tech literacy, STEM, coding, etc… empoweringthem to reach their goals and to have a problem-solving mindset.

Hello! I speak English, Spanish, French, Java and C++

Exactly like that! Coding is already a language, and just like speaking a foreign language or dialect opens the doors for us to many options, careers and possibilities, so does knowing how to program or code.


Other than that, learning how to code,teach us how to think in order to succeed in the new world we live in. Just like social skills, ethics and public speaking abilities are highly important; this way of thinking can brake the patterns we use to have.

Algorithmic thinking, tech literacy, computational thinking, etc, are only some of the requirements the workforce will demand from our kids in the very near future.

Changing the old educational system to STEM and EdTech

I’m a little afraid. I want to be able to help my kids do their homework just like my father did with me.

Learning processes are changing and with that, kid’s intentions to learn in a dynamic and unique way are becoming demands to entire regions, districts and even nations.

Today, kids want to get knowledge while becomingempowered. In a way, kids want to be their own teachers. They want to leave the old concept of “class dictator” in the past and have a guide, motivational coach and source of knowledge instead.


It’s up to us to decide how to face this issue. The movement has already started, solutions like STEM or EdTech appear to shorten the distance between the students, the knowledge and a genuine willing to learn.

We can choose if we will be promoters of a dynamic education or if we are staying attached to an old model that doesn’t fit the needs of the worldwe’re already building for tomorrow.

Let’s improve. We have togive students the tools they need. I invite you to keep buildinga movement that will only strengthen our kids hunger for knowledge. Let’s give them the content they need to rule and rock the planet, and why not, maybe even the entire galaxy.

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