Why do cyber robotics coding competitions work so well for teaching STEM and robotics?

We’ve seen for years the outstanding success robotics competitions have all over the globe. There are several magnificent events that take place in a number of countries, gathering together a tribe of kids and teens hungry for knowledge and experiences.

We believe in this so much that every year we give a special CoderZ license to all of those kids participating in the FIRST LEGO League and needing every member of the team to, at least, practice programming a robot.

Thousands are the people who had their lives positively impacted by these competitions and that are now participating in them from the other side: Mentoring, coaching, and organizing. Even within our own team we have robotics fans who started by participating in teams as kids and now, they help the next generation.

When we understood the importance and the impact of these great events, it was clear to us we shouldn’t stay out from this revolution. It was then we joined Intelitek and the ISCEF Foundation in the CRCC’s that are taking place both in the United States and Latin America.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a specific CRCC that took place in DC, and we even showed you the testimonials from some of the participants. The fact that we are part of this, and seeing the positive impact it has in all kids makes us so happy, that we want to take this competitions even further.

Besides showing you a video of the latest Cyber Robotics Coding Competition finals, that took place in West Virginia, we also want to invite you to join us in this effort of bringing robotics to all students.

The final goal is to allow every student in the world to learn with an affordable, accessible, engaging, relevant, and scalable online program how to program virtual and real robots. By giving each student their very own cyber robot, we make sure they develop the skills they’ll need to succeed in the 21st century and to lead the world of the 4th industrial revolution.

By learning how to program a cyber robot, and by having a Cyber Robotics Coding Competition in your district or State, you’ll be enabling your students to develop critical thinking, teamwork, and computational thinking; but not only that, they’ll be more prepared to solve real life problems after solving gamified missions that are absolutely PBL-oriented.

students at crcc wv - coderZ STEM Blog

So, why do these Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions work?

Because we give our students something to belong to, because we build a friendly structure that will show them the real and big impact they can have when designing the new big things of tomorrow’s world. This works because robotics are cool, and because we are giving everyone the possibility to interact, play and learn through it.

This competitions work because a number of STEM curricula need improvement, need innovation, and need engaging tools. CoderZ and the Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions are here to be that tool.

If you’d like to discuss this matter further, don’t hesitate. Send us an message and we’ll be happy to show you even more examples of these extraordinary events we are part of.

May the code be with you!

We want to use this opportunity to publicly thank Feedspot for including CoderZ in the ranking of the best 75 STEM Blogs to follow during 2018. We couldn’t be happier to know that we are a trustful source of information for those who are changing the world, every single day.