First Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions Kick Off!

A few weeks ago we hit the gong. After long meetings with different organizations, and extensive preparation on the part of both the CoderZ and the Intelitek team, the first Cyber Robotics Coding Competition in New Hampshire has begun!

CoderZ’s cyber robotics are also taking over the wonderful zone of Latin America.

Paraguay is also having at this very second their very own Cyber Robotics Coding Competition, sponsored by CoderZ and organized by CoderZ, SNPP and the Ministry of Work.

Stay tuned with the newest updates on cyber robotics and other relevant subjects here and now!

New Hampshire: The State of Cyber Robotics

Almost 40 schools joined this initiative. More than 1,800 students from this region are now learning STEM in an exciting way they could never imagine before: By using their very own virtual robot to compete against other schools.

Map of schools joining the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition
Some of the locations in New Hampshire with schools participating in the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition

As we mentioned in the first announcement of the competition, we are very happy to be introduce an element of inclusivity to the competition and schools, and to mix it with the outstanding worlds of robotics, cyber robotics and STEM education.

We invite you to follow the hashtags #CyberRobotics and #CRCC on Twitter, and to enter the exclusive group “Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions” to see more updates and news from faculty, students, and from the CoderZ team.

Also, we want to thank the entire state of New Hampshire for supporting us in delivering these important messages to their schools and to society.

Paraguay is also having their Cyber Robotics Coding Competition!

We also wanted to let you know our deep happiness for the first ever cyber robotics coding competition happening at this very moment in Paraguay!

After more than 6 months working with CoderZ, and with the amazing help of SNPP and the Ministry of Work, this strict and exigent competition is taking place to challenge many professionals and students in the area. STEM, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, cyber robotics and teamwork are the main subjects of interest!

SNPP Paraguay Cyber Robotics CoderZ

Professionals from Israel, the United States and Paraguay itself are going to be the judges, and will establish who is going to be the big winner, the ultimate robotics strategist!

What’s next with the Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions?

We are having talks with different places around the world to keep organizing, hosting and sponsoring cyber robotics and coding competitions.

It is exciting to have the opportunity to give students around the world the unique chance to own a virtual robot, and with it, to develop the 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed in the very near future.

Since we believe that robotics are the ultimate way to develop these skills, we are positive that robotics should be affordable, accessible and enjoyable for all. This kind of competitions puts us one step closer of achieving this goal, worldwide.

Virtual EV3 in CoderZ STEM learning environment

If you’d like to try out CoderZ and see how our cyber robots can improve the results of your STEM class, click here to register for a 5-day free trial of our online learning environment!

May the code be with you!