Cyber Robotics Coding Competition: What the participants have to say!

We’ve been mentioning all over our social channels how amazing the experience of organizing and running the first Cyber Robotics Coding Competition in New Hampshire was. Joining forces with the Intelitek team and with the outstanding Oracle Academy staff, allowed us to have an event to remember, and a format to use in many different locations around the world.

But what was our biggest motivation when first thinking of the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition? Well, bringing STEM and robotics to all!

We know about the many benefits students can get from a well developed STEM curriculum, and the various skills and abilities they can strengthen too.

That is why critical thinking, teamwork and computational thinking were the main -among many- items we had in mind when building the “Coding Robots” curriculum.

The Cyber Robotics Coding Competition offered a space full of challenges, happiness, code, robotics, virtual robotics, and teamwork… lots of teamwork.

During the entire process, students from all over New Hampshire discovered talents they had and weren’t even aware of.

Listen to the experience and testimonials of the participants of the latest Cyber Robotics Coding Competition

Ian, for example, mentions how CoderZ’s flexibility made him more excited about STEM programs

Carson explains in this testimonial why the way CoderZ makes you think turns STEM programs into something fun

Jonathan mentions that the thing he likes the most about CoderZ is that it allows you to create and do whatever you want

Even if we are CoderZ, and the only G we have is for the Great things you can learn and do with our online learning environment, Hanna tell us what she likes the most about CoderZ…

So what do teachers have to say about CoderZ STEM solution and about the first Cyber Robotics Coding Competition?

Tracy Farrenkopf decided to launch a robotics club and used CoderZ’s online learning environment to kick it off. Listen to her experience and the thoughts of her students during the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition.

Shannon McCracken explains how some of her students got addicted to learning with CoderZ, even though it was a bit difficult for them in the beginning. Listen to her wonderful words.

Well, the idea is clear. Everyone is happy learning with CoderZ, and both students and teachers are already seeing the results of this learning process. Not only 21st century skills are being developed; we are also bringing robotics and STEM to all students, when a few years ago, it was an option only for those who could afford it.

If you’d like to let us know what did you think about the competition itself, or how the learning process of your students is going when using CoderZ, just follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. We’ll be happy to listen to all of your questions and comments, and to answer accordingly.

If you’d like to give a try to CoderZ, register here for a 5-day free trial and start experiencing it yourself, today.

May the code be with you!