CoderZ News: Webinars, MassTEC, MA STEM Summit and more

We’ve always considered that being transparent is a fundamental part of our job. We couldn’t simply sit behind our desk and not share with you everything that has been going on from our end.

Therefore, we wanted to tell you that we have been doing many things and planning some more to surprise you in the near future.

Besides the amazing things RoboGabby has done by creating her amazing CoderZ tutorials, we have been up to a few other events during the last few weeks and days that today, we are about to share with you:

Become a STEM Champion: Webinar in partnership with Pitsco Education

A few months ago we started talking with our Friends from Pitsco Education. We wanted to do a Webinar together and we were looking for an appealing subject that could actually help the people we are both dialoguing with every day.

Quick enough we understood that we had to talk about STEM. Nowadays, many teachers around the globe want to get on the STEM train, but it is hard for them to catch a trainthat’s already moving, and pretty fast.

Consequently, we’ve decided to put an amazing webinar together that’s called “Become a STEM Champion”. On November the 15th at 17:00 (CST) you will be able to comprehend and learn every single tool (or at least, lots of them) you need to enhance the content, planning and quality of your STEM lessons; taking your school or even your district to the next level.

If you want to assure your spot in the CoderZ and Pitsco webinar, please register as soon as possible.

MA STEM Summit: CoderZ brings robotics to all in Massachusetts

Again, since STEM is our focus and since we developed CoderZ as an online learning environment focused on giving kids problem-solving abilities, it was very important for us to be part of this event.

You can check outthis event that took place in Worcester, on the oficial website of the MA STEM Summit. Let yourself be surprised! We could appear in some of the pictures.

Here you can see some pictures of the CoderZ’s international team during the event:

Adi Shmorak and CoderZ at the MA STEM Summit
Adi Shmorak, Director of Product and Innovation at CoderZ, and part of the CoderZ team at the MA STEM Summit

CoderZ at the MA STEM Summit

CoderZ at the MA STEM Summit

MassTEC Fitchburg: CoderZ bringing tech literacy as part of STEM programs


Yes. We also participated in this great event. We didn’t only exhibit there, but we also spoke in front of a very wise and relevant audience.

The MassTec organization puts together super interesting regional events within the STEM, tech literacy and technology for education fields. You can, also, look for more updated information on the Masstec website.

What’s next? Where is CoderZ going to be in the near future?

Wow! Let us take a deep breath before we start telling you, because big and amazing things are coming our way.

We just launched our new logo, and we love it! Take a look and let us know what do you think about it in the comments below. If your comment is good enough, we’ll explain the significance of each color. Challenge accepted?

New CoderZ logo

We are going to keep attending many regional events in the United Stated and some others in Latin America.

Also, we are taking a big step and very soon we are going to be letting Europe know about how CoderZ can help them improve the way in which their kids implement the skills the 21st century requires. Prepare yourself, London, because we are going to BETT!

We are also in the last steps of organizing outstanding CoderZ meet ups in both of our international offices.

Stay tuned, because many things are happening and we want you to know about all of them. Follow us on the official CoderZ Facebook page and follow CoderZ on Twitter. You won’t only get updated but you’ll also see fun, interesting and engaging content that we’re sure you’ll wantto share.