CoderZ meetup

The first Coderz meetup has launched successfully last week.

We invite you now to join us in leading STEM Revolution in your environment with our support!

Coderz is a powerful, easy to use online platform for teaching in-demand real-world technologies such as object-oriented programming, robotics and physical computing. With Coderz, you can offer a unique learning experience that engages students with STEM while promoting 21st Century skills:

  • Computational thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-learning

The first robotic team that participated in the Meetup is “Neat Team” 1943, that consists of students who have technical background experience and others who are starters in this world.

Of course we did not start on an empty stomach. After pizza, coke and small talk we dived into Coderz world, talked about STEM education, its importance and how it fits in our lives. After a brief explanation of the Coderz web platform the students paired off and plunged into the code world. Their goal was to succeed in a challenge they received.

Having fun was not the only significant achievement. Students who program for the first time were able to see immediate results which elevated their motivation and made them want to continue to move forward in the code. Even advanced programming student were excited and did not want to leave the system.

Coderz invites anyone interested in science and technology without any and/or with extensive experience, to land independently in this code world, and to work with the right tools and guidance control while receiving immediate feedback.

Join us for spreading STEM education in your environment.

We will give training presentations, videos, software licenses and support for successful training for the new Coderz users.