The Spirit of the Robotics Competitions: Strengthening Skills for the 21st Century

Robotics competitions are currently at the forefront of our ever-changing technological world. In the modern day, learning how to navigate the shift from traditional, old-school technology to newer and more advanced tech is essential. We’ve already given you some of the most valuable 21st Century skills that your students should learn. Now we are going to show you how your

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Meet Ido Yerushalmi: An interview about education with our CEO

 For a few years, we’ve been sharing with you a number of perspectives on education. Many are the thought leaders who thoughtfully shared their points of view on education, STEM, STEAM curricula, and cyber robotics in this, our STEM Blog. We’ve made sure you get to know Maria Montessori, Linda Liukas, Seymour Papert, Lev Vygotsky, and many other leaders who

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The Journal: Inside the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition

Coding competitions drive critical thinking and help students develop workforce skills. Here’s a look inside the recent state finals for the New Hampshire Cyber Robotics Coding Competition, held at the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham. Dennis Pierce Read the full Article