How to bring STEM to all your teachers

Very often we organize live online sessions within the worlds of STEM, robotics, education, and Professional Development. In most of our STEM webinars, we focus on how can teachers bring robotics, cyber robotics and STEM to all of their students. This time, we decided to do it a bit differently.

On our latest STEM webinar, we decided to speak to decision makers, directors, administrators and superintendents to learn how to bring cyber robotics and STEM content, this time, to all teachers. Of course, the concept of Professional Development appeared right away.

The panelists of our latest Professional Development STEM webinar

We were very lucky to have the presence of 3 outstanding professionals, that together with our very own Adi Shmorak, guided this interesting conversation and exchanged information with an audience full of questions.

During the past years, we’ve been building a community of people who really care about education, STEM, and the actual skills our students are receiving on a daily basis. The extraordinary professionals who joined our panel, besides being part of those communities, are also education thought leaders, and are creating and leading outstanding initiatives to make a real change in the world.

Mr. Kirk Koennecke

Kirk Koennecke - CoderZ STEM Webinar

Kirk is the Superintendent of Graham Local Schools, a STEM designated district that serves 2,000 students in St. Paris, Ohio, just west of Columbus.

Mr. Ben Smith

Ben Smith - CoderZ STEM Blog

Ben is an Educational Technology Program Specialist for Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12. In this role, he also serves as the STEM Coordinator for LIU responsible for the professional development of thousands of teachers.

Mr. Gary Garber

Gary Garber - CoderZ STEM BlogGary is a STEM PD instructor, past president of the new england section of the american association of physics teachers, robotics mentor and STEM advisor to companies such as LEGO Education and CoderZ. Gary is also a teacher with over 20 years of experience.

The session: Is STEM Professional Development for all teachers?

During this interesting live and online STEM panel, we discussed several topics. PD funding, choosing the right curricula, and if STEM PD is only for STEM teachers or for all teachers.

Both the answers from the panelists, and the questions from the audience allowed us to understand STEM and professional development from a renewed, unique, and hopeful place.

We invite you to watch the session in the link below and to learn as much as we did from these 3 extraordinary experts, and from the amazing questions of our STEM professionals, superintendents, and CS directors, among others…

If you want to watch this professional development discussion session, just click here.

Want to have a CoderZ workshop with your teachers? Get the details here and bring STEM to all your staff

We are currently offering a unique opportunity for schools to deliver unique professional development session through this great CoderZ STEM workshop. Discover some exciting new ways to bring cyber robotics, STEM and coding to all of your teachers. Yes, to all of them.

This fall we are kicking off our 2nd season of online live STEM workshops. Last year over 800 teachers from around the world participated in our workshops and started their STEM journey. These workshops include online training sessions, over 60 self paced activities, tutorials, certificate of completion and more. These workshops are a great way to energize your STEM PD.

It makes us really happy to be able to create these spaces and to enable more and more students, all around the world, to get the skills they need to succeed in the unknown future we are about to face.

May the code be with you!