August 27, 2018

Version 1.69.1533

This is a big one…

Training missions are gone, long live the Crash Course

It’s been a busy few months for us during which we improved the training missions, changed the flow and learning objectives based on your feedback and launched the Crash Course in beta. During the beta hundreds of students got to try out the new missions while the teachers got access to new teaching materials that makes up the Crash Course.

Crash Course is now available for everyone.

CoderZ is now secured

While you may not notice, CoderZ is finally secure (https). This means not only your connection is secure, but also faster. This has a few immediate implications, and few that are soon to follow:

First and foremost, we have a new robot downloader. It works separately from CoderZ and requires a one time quick installation. For more information read this.

Now with the support for secure connections we can move on to more interesting features such as single sign on.

There’s more

We’ve also worked on other features as well

  1. CRCC admins can upload sponsors logos to leaderboards
  2. CoderZ managers can add additional information for org admins
  3. When org admin is created a welcome email is sent with on boarding info
  4. CRCC qualifiers score formula change
  5. Leader board timer can be unpaused

And don’t worry, we also eliminated some pesky bugs.

Coming up:

  • Heat maps and student progress reports (Coming early September)
  • Badges, so your achievements will have a name and a badge

Want your feature requests or favorite bugs here?

Tell us what they are: