April 22, 2020

Version 2.97.72(April 22 2020)

Course Updates:

Python Gym Course

If you have recently checked out our Python Gym Course, we invite you to take a second look -we have some news for you!And if you haven’t visitedthis course yet, don’t let any more time pass you by. Come join us in this coding adventure!


Thanks to customer feedback and requests, our updated version ofPython Gymprovides a more structured learning experience for text-based programming. Even if it’s your first time working with text-based code you can learn STEM through virtual robotics while programming in Python.

In thiscourse, studentswill learnComputer Science, Engineering, Physics and Mathematicsprincipleswhile programming their robot using Python.

Python Gym content overview:

Computer Science / Python
  • Print
  • Execution flow
  • Loops: for, while
  • Conditional statements – if-elif-else
  • Math functions and operators
  • Lists and Tuples
  • Async function vs. sync function
  • Defining functions
  • Creation and handling of modules
  • Efficiency in coding
  • Code reuse


  • Weight & Gravity
  • Momentum
  • Newton’s 3rd Law
  • Friction
  • The relationship between power, acceleration & speed


  • Navigation with 2-motor drive
  • Sensors: gyro, encoders, color
  • Open-loop control VS closed-loop control
  • 2-state controller
  • P-controller
  • Overshoot


  • Unit conversion
  • 3D coordinate systems
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Angles

The CoderZ Adventure Course

This new lightweight coursewill empower teachers to teach their studentsthe basics of coding and robotics, an exciting interdisciplinary STEM field, whileenabling students to learn and practice coding, robotics, and math.No prior knowledge needed!


Platform Updates / Bug Fixes:

  • Explore Mode has been revamped and offers several new features. Check out the full article to read about each one!
      • Distance Measuring Tool
      • Angle Measuring Tool
      • Manual Control
        Note:the old Manual control buttonhas been removed from simulation pane in all but the Cyber Robotics 101 course.
      • Restore Last Position
      • Time Scale
  • A small screen has been added in the bottom-left corner of the simulation pane. Clicking it toggles between a bird’s-eye view and a standard mission view.
  • We have implemented upgraded graphics engine to improve simulation.
  • Camera behavior bugs have been fixed, and new view angles added.
  • Introduction tours have been added for new users. They are available on the main page of the CoderZ Platform (the Learning Center), by clicking the star icon next to your name and badges.tours.PNG
  • Projects – now you can choose between EV3 and Ruby as your robot for a new project:
    projects1.PNGAs well as Python for your preferred coding mode (available if you have chosen Ruby as your robot)
    projects2.PNGAnother neat addition is the new Cube World playground. Try it out!

Want your feature requests or favorite bugs here?

Tell us what they are:contactus@gocoderz.com