Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge: How to Change Your Classroom and Future


CoderZ is working hard to accelerate students’ learning of STEM and computer science at an early age. Our new #stepintostem program challenges educators and students alike to use the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge to engage in STEM learning at a young age. We want to encourage our current audience of education professionals and capture more prospects who are willing to lean into this tech-forward curriculum.

The goal of this program is to reach an additional 200,000 students by the end of September by providing engaging content and incentives across all of our platforms. The #stepintostem movement doesn’t just begin and end with the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge, but rather is a solution that reinvigorates educators’ curriculum holistically to include accelerated STEM teachings.

Challenge Yourself and Your Students!

The Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge (ACRC) makes teaching students the importance of STEM and Computer Science easy! In a three-hour virtual learning experience, students are taught the basics of computer programming in the scope of a very real-world application: Amazon’s worldwide package delivery system. The intention of the ACRC is to provide a fun and challenging framework for teaching young students the fundamentals of computer science. ACRC does this best because not only is it following the practices of one of the world’s most successful companies, but it is a challenge the students can relate to!

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge Infographic Coding Robotics CoderZ

Order Today, Here Tomorrow!

We’ve all wondered this question – how does Amazon deliver their customer orders so quickly? In this virtual environment, students are challenged with coding the Amazon Hercules robot to deliver a friend’s birthday present as fast as possible. Teachers can engage with this program by creating a teacher account and setting up a “virtual classroom”, to which they can invite their students to join through their CoderZ account. From there, each student can learn and basics of programming and compete against their classmates to efficiently deliver Amazon packages in the simulation. By gamifying the process, we can engage students from an early age to appreciate the challenge that comes with robotics, STEM courses, and computer programming.

Teaching students to engage in rigorous STEM learning at a young age prepares them for the future generation of tech-based progress, but also hones their problem solving, design thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. To learn more about the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge, and how CoderZ can enable this learning opportunity, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog. You can join the conversation on our socials to read and share your own student success stories from joining ACRC. Join the movement of educators and students as they #stepintostem this back-to-school season!