5 tips to keep students engaged while learning from home

If it is challenging for educators to keep their students engaged during class time, imagine how difficult it is to keep them motivated at home when you are competing against TikTok, PlayStation, and other video-games. That is why, especially in a situation like the one we are going through right now, it is extremely necessary to find new, exciting ways to keep our students engaged while learning from home.

In this short article, we will give you 5 tips to keep your students engaged while learning from home and to allow them to achieve new goals in every class you guys have. What’s surprising, is that while putting these tips into practice, educators will also have lots of fun.

Because, as you know, the best way for learning is teaching… and if you want your students to have fun while learning, you should have fun while teaching. Right?

Keep your students engaged while they’re at home 

The secret is to offer them interactive tools they’ll genuinely like and to create a learning environment that’ll fit their needs, and that can be implemented while learning from home. Some of the tips we are going to give you might sound obvious for some educators, but sometimes, we forget how useful these obvious solutions are. Never forget that anything can be turned into a learning experience.

Are you ready to receive some amazing tips to engage your students in your class, even when they’re learning from home? Here we go!

  1. Create entertaining challenges with deadlines:

CRCC WinnersOne great way to keep your students engaged while learning from home is to create STEM challenges they’ll have to complete in a certain period of time. Ask them to do something, to complete a mission, or to program their own virtual robots for a specific task.

The key here is to think outside the box and to bring them challenges they’ll consider entertaining, fun, and inspiring. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out this article that goes over gamified learning and its benefits. Remember: Keep the STEM challenges coming, be creative, and you’ll have engaged students… guaranteed!

  1. Make them participate:

If you are going to give an online lesson for your students, don’t do a boring one. It is very easy to open an online classroom by using tools like Zoom or even like Google Classroom, but anyone can do that. The question is, can you make an online classroom that is interactive, useful and engaging? The only way to do this is by making your students participate. Ask questions, let them speak, create an open, safe space for them to feel like their tiny mistakes will be considered as learning experiences.

Make them feel like they can answer questions and show them with real-life STEM examples that there are -indeed- multiple paths and ways to solve one same problem.

  1. Hands-on learning:

Let them do it! By letting your students program their very own virtual robot, they’ll understand what all your classroom curriculum is about while doing something. As you already know, hands-on learning has tons of benefits when implemented in the right way. Some of these benefits are students strengthening their problem-solving ability, their critical thinking skill, the increment of class-engagement, and others. By learning while doing, your students will get a clearer vision of the problems they’ll have to solve in the real world of the future.

Tools like CoderZ are an amazing way to have a classroom with a hands-on learning methodology. Good news is: With CoderZ you can do this while your students are learning from home!

  1. Build teams!:

Teamwork is one of the most essential abilities the workforce will require from your students in the near future. While working from home, encourage them to work in teams. They can build teams with their classmates and do team meetings online to plan the best strategy and accomplish the challenges you are going to give them (remember point 1 of this list?).

By working in teams, while at home, they won’t only develop teamwork and leadership skills, but they will also realize there are a number of different ways to work in teams, and that it can be done, even remotely. What do you say? Ready to implement, for example, an online robotics competition in your classroom? Let the game begin!

  1. Let them play:

Something that is really important and, sometimes, we forget about: Let your students have fun! The scenario of learning from home and not being able to go to the physical school is new for us all, so be flexible and understand that for your students the current situation is also new, and challenging.

Therefore, let them have fun and create innovative ways to begin and end your lessons. Use the apps and social media they are on in your favor! Maybe you can create a STEM challenge for TikTok or Instagram; create a hashtag or even a filter. What’s important is to make them have fun, and to let them play with knowledge!

Begin today. It is time to teach STEM remotely. 

You can start today. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you. Register today for a free trial of CoderZ and start experiencing how it feels to teach STEM through virtual robots in a gamified and mission-based online learning environment.

Are you ready to have happy and engaged students? Great! May the code be with you!

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