5 Education and STEM-oriented Professionals You Need to Keep in the Loop

Everyday, while looking for relevant information to give to the STEM community we’re building, we come across amazing people.People that are creating meaningful change within the worlds of education.

People who are sometimes working hard behind the scenes to provide this world with new educational strategies and are encouraging teachers and helping them through the challenge of flipping the classroom to enable students to enjoy while learning.

We would like to introduce you to more of the people that inspire our team, and make us appreciate the value of enabling kids to learn how to program virtual and real robots, in order for them to develop and incorporate 21st century skills.

Meet some of the real stars, who are building the foundations of the path that STEM education is taking.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Bunker Roy: Equal rights. Education for all.

Almost 7 years after Bunker Roy was selected as one of the 100 most influential people by Time, we would love to honor his work, passion and mindset on education and equality.

This Indian man, who was born in 1945, has been a social activist his entire life. That exact spirit drove him to create and found the Barefoot College.

Barefoot College, his life´s project, is a voluntary organization that works within various fields: education, skill development and female empowerment, amongst others.

All programs of the Barefoot College are directly influenced by Gandhi’s vision of each village being self-reliant.

His magnificent work in educating illiterate rural Indians deserves applauses and many more awards than the ones that Bunker Roy already received.

Megan Smith: Improving Technology and Education from the White House

We spoke about Megan Smith and her role as the CTO of the United States of America a few weeks ago.

Her successful career in the most important tech companies, like Google and GoogleX, shaped her mindset and facilitated her to get to the position she holds until today, CTO of the United States.

Again, we feel like she deserves recognition, so we would love to mention her once more. Take a look at this speech she gave for the Smith College on creative confidence.

Adi Shmorak: CoderZ’s in-house inspiration!

Yes, we’re proud of our amazing team. Just like last time, when we talked about Dorin Shani, we would like to honor Intelitek’s head on Innovation and CoderZ’s Director of Product: Adi Shmorak.

This father of 4, studied mechatronics, business administration and computer science.

For a while, he was the Marketing Manager for Robotec, while providing solutions for vocational and STEM education.

Besides that, he created a bunch of Professional Development courses for teachers, FLL mentors and for kids who are into robotics. That’s why he became an FLL mentor and Head Judge for numerous robotics competitions.

Adi sees education as a journey, and he strongly affirms that “we should stop looking at education as a measurable goal”, and he follows by saying “We should stop questioning our kids and start challenging them instead”.

If you want to read one of Adi’s article, just check this post about adaptive learning.

Prince Ea: Changing educators minds through music and art

His real name is Richard Williams, but most people know him by Prince Ea.

Even though he is an anthropologist and mostly creates hip-hop music and poetry, Richard was able to conquer the heart of all STEM education lovers with a viral video in which he “suits the educational system” and proposes something new, different and more dynamic.

He also founded the “Make SMART cool” movement. You should check this out and understand what Prince Ea actually means by “smart”.

The viral video we mentioned before has opened lots of minds and has helped many, like us, to understand how urgent it is to change the current educational system in the entire world and flip it into something more personal and dynamic, similar to what we mentioned before about adaptive learning processes.

Ken Gracey: Parallax’s President and Active Community Member

We have to mention Ken, one of the most active members of the new Facebook community for STEM professionals.

Ken Gracey is Parallax’s President. After a long career in the company and managing almost every department, we can affirm that he truly loves his workplace.

As Crunchbase says: “Ken is at the core of Parallax’s customer-centric focus and advocate of manufacturing the highest quality products possible in their Rocklin, California office. Ken started Parallax’s micro-controller education program in 1997”.

We are happy to have Ken Gracey as part of our community and we have no doubt that we will be able to create outstanding STEM related projects together.

Thanks Ken, for continuously inspiring us and the entire robotics for education world!