5 EdTech Trends Expected To Emerge in 2017

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Education technology (or EdTech) is defined as the ethical use of technology to make learning easier for students. EdTech uses digital platforms and tools in making the delivery of content and in assessing learning. In some case, education technology does not replace any current practices, but simply complements them, while in others it completely transforms the classroom. However, there’s no doubt that we will hear about education technology in the next year too. Here are five of the hottest EdTech trends we expect to see in 2017:

However, there’s no doubt that we will hear about education technology in the next year too. Here are five of the hottest EdTech trends we expect to see in 2017:

Top trends in education technology:

  1. Combining Education Technology and Traditional Learning

Combining technology with traditional learning is also known as blended learning. Blended learning will become widely used in educational institutions since it promotes a dynamic relationship between the student and the teacher. This type of learning customizes content and delivery based on the needs of students. The continued development of teaching techniques eventually leads to providing students the opportunity to interact with their teachers online.

  1. Increased Use of Gaming in Education

Many students are nontraditional learners. Students expect better interaction inside the classroom. Teachers should make content more interactive and engaging for their students. The use of gaming makes learning easier for students. The release of Minecraft Education Edition last year is proof of this growing trend. The College of Nursing and Health Professions of Drexel University worked with Tata Interactive Systems in developing a learning solution based on simulations. This solution facilitated learning among students studying online. Gamification will increase this year since it enhances performance and encourages hard work among students.

Gamification will also increase this year since it enhances performance and encourages hard work among students. Many STEM online learning environments are including gamified aspects to their platforms to increase the students’ engagement.

  1. Video-Based learning

The use of videos in the educational system increased in 2016. This trend is expected to continue in 2017 with videos expected to become more sophisticated. Videos are used for assignments and collaboration among students in completing projects. These videos will become one of the tools during discussions. They will also increase interaction between the students and the teacher.

Audiovisual materials become more interesting when they are more interactive. That’s why webinars are becoming more popular every day.

  1. Use of Virtual or Augmented Reality in Learning

Virtual or augmented reality will see an increased use inside the classroom. The use of virtual reality tools, like Google Cardboard, enhances the learning experience of students. These tools provide immersive images and videos to students. They also make lessons more informative and engaging. These facilitate an improvement in the skill sets of students in terms of technology and visual literacy. Students can also use online virtual labs. These online virtual labs enhance critical thinking skills of students.

  1. Digitization of Content to Facilitate Adaptive Learning

Digitized content allows educators and educational institutions to create better learning outcomes in class. Learners can learn at their own pace since they have access to the content they need. The digitized content allows students to determine their own learning paths. It essentially makes learning more personalized for each student. This allows educators to focus on higher levels of learning in the classroom. Educators can emphasize analysis, synthesis as well as creative thinking among the learners.

Developments in technology have made the learning process easier for students. Edtech facilitated these improvements in education. It also enhanced the teaching-learning process and provided students the necessary skills they need for the real world. These improvements are expected to continue in 2017 as technology continues to develop by leaps and bounds.


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