30 Oct

Girls Can’t Code and Other Modern Myths

Have you also heard that girls can’t code? You also advocate to end the gender gap both in coding and in STEM education? We strongly believe in incl...

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21 Oct

STEM Lessons for Historically Underrepresented Students

It's no secret that STEM subjects are dominated by white men. But in our increasingly diverse world, can STEM fields evolve to become more inclusive? ...

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15 Oct

Students Nationwide to Join Coding Boot Camp Phase of 2019 National Cyber Robotics Coding Competition

Teachers and schools can join the competition any time before November 1 Students nationwide began a new season of fun early this morning when the Bo...

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3 Oct

5 reasons robotics is important for STEM

We’ve discussed the benefits of STEM education multiple times. There are numerous 21st-century skills that students can obtain throughout their lear...

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2 Oct

Educational Robotics

Educational Robotics allows students to learn in STEM disciplines in different ways, with the goal to facilitate students 21st-century skills and atti...

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