26 Feb

Guest Blogger: How 3D Printers Can Help Students Solve Everyday Problems

In the past several years, 3D printing has seen a massive shift in its applications and public perception. While it was once perceived as a mere gimmi...

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25 Feb

Feb 25, 2018

Version 42.36.11162 This new release is minimal yet important, here are the details. Logging in takes you directly to missions center page New m...

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20 Feb

CoderZ News: What we’ve been up to in the world of STEM and Robotics

It has been a long time since we last had a chat with you to let you all know what we’ve been up to. Many amazing thing are going on, and we were pa...

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12 Feb

3 inspiring lectures about STEAM education and EdTech

We’re constantly looking for sources of information and inspiration to be better prepared at the moment to give a class. As educators, we’re oblig...

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7 Feb

Feb 7, 2018

Version 42.36.1112 CoderZ 2018 is new and improved. It has been a while since we last updated CoderZ, mostly because we were working hard on our Cybe...

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